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No description

Taylor Napier

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Pushing

Lover of music, happy endings, and a UK basketball fan at heart.
Grew up during the popularity of boy bands.
Author of 4 more books; the continued series.
Katie McGarry

Overcoming Obstacles
- A senior in highschool that has thicky wavy red hair and green eyes. A use to be popular girl that's now quiet and unsocial.
- Echo's lover.
Echo started tutoring Noah for money for Aires's car.
Important Actions
Echo Emerson, a girl with a dark past of family problems who used to cover it up with popularity and Noah Hutchins, a boy, who has gave up on the world after losing his parents and brothers collide at tutoring. Noah discovers a scar on Echo's wrist and instantly worries while Echo wonders why he has went down-hill and tries to push him to be better. Together they overcome obstacles life throws at them while finding answers and solutions for one another. What truly happened to Echo and will Noah ever forgive himself for the incident? Can they PUSH THE LIMIT to figure the truth out while being total opposites as beings?
Pushing The Limits

Taylor Napier
Mrs. G
ELA - 3rd
3rd December 2014

Falling in love with someone society doesn't accept you being with
A hard life doesn't always mean a bad one
Elements of Flashbacks
Betrayal & Trust
Echo has wondered about what exactly happened that night for 2 years now. Never being able to remember the full details, she seeks help from professionals and finally discovers the truth.
Noah confesses the truth of his house burning 3 years ago and why Jacob has nightmares so badly.
Echo remembers crawling through glass seeking help.
Echo talks of the nights her mom took a spell or the nights her mom spoke of Greek myths.
Noah smiles at the memories of camping every Friday in the living room for family night.
Owen & Ashley
- Echo's father and step-mom - former babysitter.
- Echo's deceased brother whom she misses desperately.
-Echo's mother.
- Echo's bestfriend, no matter what
Beth & Isaiah
- Noah's bestfriends
Mrs. Collins
- Echo & Noah's counselor.
Jacob & Tyler
- Noah's brothers.
Carrie & Joe
- Tyler & Jacob's foster parents.
Noah allows Echo 20 minutes to decide him or Luke.
Echo exposes her scar to everyone.
Noah asks Echo to marry him.
Noah & Echo work together to get each other information.
McGarry, Katie. Pushing The Limits #1. Harlequin Teen. 2012.
Book Citation
Author Research
Picture Citation

Website: BookShelfrey
Article: [YA Contemporary Review] Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry
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