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Dystopia in District 9

No description

Sarp Can

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Dystopia in District 9

Basic information
Dystopia in District 9
Parallels to our society
District 9
Basic information
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Budget: $30 mio.
Box-Office results: $210 mio.
Wikus van de Merwe
Sharlto Copley
Christopher Johnson
Jason Cope
Koobus Venter
David James
Based on "
Alive in Joburg

Inspired by xenophobic riots
in South Africa &
by the era of Apartheid
In 1982 a spacecraft arrives at Earth and
hovers above Johannesburg, South Africa.

Inside, a population of slave aliens is imprisoned
They receive aid and are put into a refugee camp called
District 9.

28 years later, the organization MNU is given the task to move 'the Prawn' population of 1.8 mio. to another camp.

While evicting Prawns Wikus gets in contact with an alien fluid.
The fluid slowly turns him into a Prawn. He is being experimented on and ultimately
escapes to District 9.

A manhunt is ongoing while Wikus finds shelter with Christopher. Chris says he knows a way to turn Wikus human again. Breaking into MNU facilities they retrieve the fluid.

Wikus fights MNU while Chris enters the mothership and flies of with the promise to return 3 years later.

Wikus fully mutates.
Prawns need a license for everything
Humans do not
MNU - Paving the way to Unity
More interest in technology than life
Moving to a concentration camp
Ruled by African warlord
Government does not react
Propaganda to portray Prawns
as dangerous
Parallels to our society
Prawns = Parktown Prawn

Aliens can be replaced by various minorities


District 6
Thanks for your attention
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