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allison t

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of QSEN

Quality Safety and Education for Nurses QSEN Quality and Safety Education for Nurses
-National Initiative to improve healthcare What is QSEN? -Significance of errors in patient care
-To Err is Human:Building a safer health system Why? How does the director
think we should solve
this healthcare problem?
" " -Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
-UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing enhances curricula
-Six competencies
-Assist educators Phase One "We expect these changes to make a difference in the quality and safety of healthcare everywhere" 1. Patient Centered Care
2. Teamwork and collaboration
3. Evidenced-based practice
4. Quality improvement
5. Informatics
6.Safety The Six Compentencies -Linda Cronnenwett, principle investigator-receives over one million dollars
-Goal-Reshape nursing, create mechanisms to sustain the will to change
-Website launched
-QSEN partners with organizations
- 15 Pilot schools to engage in curricula changes Phase Two -Project initiated aimed
at preparing future nurses
-Developing faculty expertise
in teaching competencies Phase Three -More efficient nurses while ensuring safety
-Recognize patient as source of control and full partner in providing care Changing Nursing Practice
and Patient Care My personal experience
with QSEN... -The first two phases defined competencies for nursing and training targets
-Phase One and Two= "Figuring out what's there"
-Then QSEN surveyed schools to see how much of the competencies were already in the curriculum, the staff's ability to teach them, and how well the students are learning them
-Phase Three= "Figuring out what is missing and what is wrong"
-"Promote innovation in the way we teach, test, and certify" Summary Disch, J. (2012). Qsen? what's qsen?. Nursing Outlook, 60(2), 58-59.
Teaching and Learning in Nursing (Teach Learn Nurs), 2010, Jul5(3): 115-8 (14 ref) References: -Getting educators and nurses on the same page
-Producing graduates that are more comfortable in their new jobs The Present State of QSEN The QSEN Effect -The six competencies have been incorporated into nursing curriculum
-Courses reflect course-specific outcome competencies
-New Teaching and learning strategies
-New Faculty Development Programs
-New Continuing education programs for clinical partners Educational Implications QSEN Curriculum Example: "These competencies are not new concepts for nurses, but have new visions reframes with knowledge. skills, and attitudes needed for shifts in nursing practice." Nursing Impact "The ultimate goal is to assure that all patients will be cared for by nurses who have developed the KSAs for each competency Goal: -Patient-centered Care
-Teamwork and Collaboration
-Evidenced-based Practice
-Quality Improvement
-Informatics Old vs. New "Attending to the development of QSEN competencies may help nurses- who love the basic work of nursing- love their jobs, too."

What does this quote imply?? Effect on Healthcare -Improved quality of patient care
-Decreased nursing turnover
-Reduced incidence of medical errors
-Friendly work environment benefiting both the patient and hospital staff

-Societal Relationships
-Economics How it has impacted... -QSEN competencies already exist in nursing-just expanding further
-The goal is to prepare future nurses to improve quality safety and care
-Healthcare, nurses, society, and economy are all effected by this initiative Refresher: BREAK!! A. Knee, socks ,and ankles
B. Knowledge,skills, and attitudes
C. Knowledge, skills, and attributes
D. Kari, Sophia, and Angela What does the acronym KSA stand for in relation to the competencies? Study- Characteristics that perinatal nurse managers desire in new nurse hires

Sample of 94 different hospitals in Indiana,
99 perinatal nurse manager received a 20 question survey
Also asked to list the top 5 most important criteria they consider when hiring new graduate
Data was analyzed with PASW statistical software Research! -46 nurse managers returned the survey
-The highest rated characteristic was experience
-Second, was teamwork
-Others included passion, a desire to learn, and patient centered care Results: -QSEN competencies are up and coming and gaining importance in workplace hiring
-Characteristics relate to QSEN competencies
-Further research of QSEN... Significance: "The QSEN competencies
focus on doing the right thing well."
-Sullivan, D. (2009) Equipping instructors for the success of QSEN Learning Modules What Will the
Future Hold? -Setting a precedent for the improvement of care quality and patient safety in the nursing community QSEN Textbook Publication -Patient-centered Care
-Teamwork and Collaboration
-Evidence-based Practice
-Quality Improvement
-Informatics Future Implications
for Each Competency What does a nurse
need to know to
navigate this issue? "Will, ideas, and execution
are required to make
changes in the world." With Craig, Allison, and Hannah Personal
Experiences Campfire Chats
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