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Types of Sentences

No description

jeannine cepero

on 15 August 2015

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Transcript of Types of Sentences

Types of Sentences
photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr
Is a complete thought.
Starts with capital letter.
Ends with end mark
. ? !
Example- The weather predicted rain today.
Declarative Sentence
Makes a statement
Ends with a period
Example- Did you bring your umbrella to school?
Interrogative Sentence
Asks a question
Ends with a question mark
Example- The tornado is headed right for us!
Exclamatory Sentence
Shows strong emotion or urgency
Ends with an exclamation point
Example- Go get your raincoat.
Imperative Sentence
Gives a command or request
The subject is you understood
1. Did you remember to bring your permission slip?

2. I prepared my script for KNN.

3. I have a doctor's appointment after school.

4. Finish your homework before you go out to play.

5. Watch out for the lightning!

6. Who's house are you visiting this weekend?
Which type of sentence is it?
Check out this brainpop!
Grab a device and go to kahoot.it
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know so far...
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