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John Cabot

No description

N Rickert

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of John Cabot

John Cabot
New Opportunity
Cabot moved to England in 1495
Cabot was the captain of a ship called the "Matthew"
Cabot had three sons
Cabot's son Sebastian was on the trip where he found Canada and claimed it for England in 1497
Born in Italy in 1450 as Giovanni Cabot
Moved at age 11 to Venice
Married Mattea in 1474
Left Italy in 1488 because he was in debt
Years of his life
Cabot made his first voyage in 1497 with a crew of 18 men. He landed on the eastern coast of Canada on June 24th. He was sent by King Henry VII of England to find a northern route to Asia. Although he was unsuccessful, he thought he had found Northeastern Asia.
John Cabot took a second voyage in 1498 to Canada. This time he had several ships and 300 men. He explored along the coast, and he named many islands. He might even have made it all the way to America, but no one knows for sure.
Second Voyage
Interesting Facts
On his first voyage, John Cabot brought three Inuit Indian men back with him, who within a few years had adapted to life in England.
Cabot was inspired by Christopher Columbus and Bartolomeu Dias to explore a route to Asia.
Cabot was the son of a spice merchant.
No one knows for sure what happened on the second voyage. There is some proof that Cabot and his crew made it back to Canada and explored the coasts. However, many believe that on his return trip to England, he got caught in violent storms and was shipwrecked at sea.
Mysterious End
He is thought to be the first European explorer on North America since the Vikings. Because he claimed the land for England, the primary language spoken in North America is English.
Contributions to Exploration
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