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Assistive Technology Devices

No description

Caitie Johnson

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Assistive Technology Devices

Assistive Technology Devices
What is an assistive technology device?
Help aide students with disabilities and impairments
Help express communication needs
Help eliminate inappropriate behaviors
Help children succeed in the classroom

** There are several types of assistive technology devices.
Dynavox Communication Device
Dynamic display and digitized speech output
Displays pictures and categories for users to choose from (mealtime, activities, and needs)
Additional built-in supports (behavior & scripts)
Capability to be uploaded to regular computer and printed
Example- Student with Fragile X syndrome
Fidget Bracelet
Different sensory textures
Children can move, manipulate, and squeeze
Helps with anxiety and impulse control
Eliminates inappropriate behavior
Example- children in my class
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