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Feminism, Womanism, & the Christian Liturgical Year

No description

lizzie mcmanus

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Feminism, Womanism, & the Christian Liturgical Year

--> Create a resource for churches to use to address
systemic sexism & racism

--> A bridge between the Academy and the Church

-->Celebrate what feminism & womanism have
already done
Sources of
Has nothing changed?
Feminism, Womanism, & the Christian Liturgical Year
Liturgy is the tie that binds the life, Scripture, and ministry of the Church
Focus on six seasons, proceeding chronologically throughout the Liturgical year
a trinity of spiritual memoir, exegeses, & liturgical theology
project by elizabeth mcmanus
First Order Change:
Example: Ordaining womyn
Second Order Change:
Changing the system and its internal structures
First-order change opens the doors that were previously locked to the oppressed
Example: a feminist/womanist liturgical year
These are not new questions
Why are feminism and womanism relevant to a discourse on Liturgy in the Church?
If the church is to survive, then the primary church-goers must be listened to:

penitence, baptism, & embodied worship
"resurrected bodies are
always in rough shape."
eros, passion, Wisdom
Ordinary Time
The tension of here/not yet
choosing wonder
Dr. Jane Crosthwaite
: for her fierce and unwavering faith in me and all her pupils (and for excellent hair styling advice).

Dr. Rev. Harvey Hill
: for starting this project with me two years ago, and for putting up with my endless smash-the-patriarchy rants.

Erin Lane:
for asking me to write my story when i was still scared to.

for UAF Funding for summer research.

My mother,
Rev. Hannah McManus,
and my partner, the soon-to-be
Rev. McManus-Dail
, for their love.
A 2008 Survey by the Pew Forum on Religious & Public Life Reported ...
54% of practicing Catholics are womyn
54% of practicing Protestants are womyn
(Evangelical: 53%, Historically Black Churches: 60%, & Mainline: 54%)
56% of practicing Mormons are womyn
60% of practicing Jehovah's Witnesses are womyn
54% of practicing Orthodox Christians are womyn
advised by jane crosthwaite
An exploration of Liturgy through a feminist & womanist lens
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