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ethics prezi

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ashley vauters

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of ethics prezi

The Negative Impacts of Universal Healthcare This past semester I went to the hospital because I was severely dehydrated from an awful stomach virus I got. I was in the hospital for 3 hours and our insurance did not cover the $3800 medical bill that resulted from this trip. This put a financial strain on my family. Many people realize that something needs to be done about the rising healthcare costs. Three main points There are many personal costs that come along with this Universal healthcare program.
Obamacare could cause healthcare providers to be less motivated to provide top quality healthcare since the government will have their say in how everything is done.
Obamacare is going to allow our government to have too much power, and could possibly lead our nation into a socialist system of government. There are many personal costs that come along with this Universal Healthcare program. After my family received that huge medical bill, my parents did a lot of research into the Obamacare program. There are many personal costs that come along with this Universal Healthcare program cont. Not only do you have to go without insurance for 6 months, but the premiums are not any lower with this program than they are if people buy a private health insurance package. Obamacare could cause healthcare providers to be less motivated to provide top healthcare since the government will have their say in how everything is done. There are many ways that the quality of our health care will diminish with the adoption of this healthcare policy.
The PPACA will strip away physician autonomy, drown doctors in bureaucracy, and drain job satisfaction. As the profession deteriorates, older doctors will retire while younger doctors will look to switch careers. Many students considering a careering in medicine will pursue other opportunities. The supply of providers will dwindle as demand for services reaches an all-time high. Ultimately, the consequences of health overhaul law will be passed along to patients through restricted access, long wait for appointments, and rationed care. (Fodeman, 2011) Works Cited Although many people think that the Obamacare option will solve the problem of the rising costs of healthcare, I do not believe that it will. There are many problems that the Universal healthcare option presents and I want to spend the rest of the time discussing three major oppositions that I have to the Universal healthcare program. Forcing people to go without healthcare for an extended period of time seems to infringe on people’s freedom to have healthcare whenever they need it. I have a huge problem with a policy that provides people with healthcare only after they have been without for 6 months. They found out that you have to go without insurance for 6 months before you are eligible for the program. "The rule (Obamacare plan) will force insurers to hike rates for 18- to 24-year-olds by 45 percent even as rates for those 60 and older drop by 13 percent in most states." (Conover, 2012) Once again the government is not keeping its promises and the effects that the younger generations will feel are enormous. Obamacare will cause healthcare providers to be less motivated to provide top healthcare since the government will have their say in how everything is done cont. We are quick to get mad at doctors for not spending more time with their patients, but with all the government regulations they have no choice. People like to have the freedom to be able to do their job the way they would like without lots of government intervention. It is easy to see how doctors would feel the way the quote above describes.

Instead, the legislation will increase red tape. It creates approximately 159 new committees, agencies, programs, and bureaucracies31 with vast, new sweeping powers and the potential to place bureaucrats in between doctors and their patients. This will drown doctors in bureaucracy and further hamstring their ability to provide the best treatment for their patients. (Fodeman, 2011) The government is not able to completely keep its agenda out of the creation of the healthcare policy.
According to The Penn Center Guide to Bioethics Credo Reference, the problem with health care mediation is that it “requires that any outcome reached conform to both legal and ethical requirements, a health care mediator cannot maintain the level of neutrality necessary for an effective process.” (Mediation and Health Care, 2009)
The government now will have all the power they want and how are we guaranteed that they will not unjustly kill people off just so that they can save themselves money thwarting the so called “checks and balances” that we believed in. It could easily become a system where it is survival of the fittest.
In the CQ Researcher article written by Clemmitt it is stated that “increase government influence in health care would lead to creation of ‘death panels’ to ‘decide based on a subjective judgment of their level of productivity in society’” and is quoted as is from Sarah Palin. (2009)
The concerns that Sarah mentions are very valid concerns that we should all consider.
Do we really want the government to have control over when it is time for us to die or not?
What right does the government have to determine what makes a person worth caring for because of their value to society?
Obamacare will cause our government to have too much power and is leading our nation further into a socialist system of government. Clemmitt, M. (2009, August 28). Health-care reform. CQ Researcher,19, 693-716. Retrieved from http://library.cqpress.com/cqresearcher/
Conover, C. (2012, 27 11). Young people under obama: Cash cow for older workers. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/chrisconover/2012/11/27/young-people-under-obamacare-cash-cow-for-older-workers/
Fodeman, J. (2011, April 07). The institute for healthcare consumerism. Retrieved from http://www.theihcc.com/en/communities/policy_legislation/the-new-health-law-bad-for-doctors-awful-for-patie_gn17y01k.html
Mediation and Health Care. (2009). In The Penn Center Guide to Bioethics. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company. (2013, January 8). Retrieved March 31, 2013, from Credo Reference Principle of Utility and Universal Healthcare Program According to Bentham, the principle of utility says that "whenever we have a choice between alternative actions or social policies, we must choose the one that has the best overall consequences for everyone concerned." There are many negative effects of the universal health care program that the government is refusing to address. According to this principle, the government should not incorporate this healthcare policy because it does not have "the best overall consequences for everyone concerned." The Obamacare program only helps some people and not everyone.
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