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Setting the Academic Agenda

No description

Alica Danesh Jesrai

on 19 July 2014

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Transcript of Setting the Academic Agenda

Who says what, through what channel, to whom, with what effect?
Setting the Academic Agenda
- source, message, receiver

- large, sometimes world wide, anonymous, heterogeneous.
Channel noise
Semantic noise
Nielsen ratings
(now rating video games)
Box office income
- radio listeners
Letters to editor
Web site “hits”
MySpace friends
Facebook for college students (now for all)
Narrowing the Audience
- readily measurable characteristics like: age, sex, race, income, level of education, other???
- Internal characteristics like; values, needs, beliefs, interests and attitudes.
Media Segmentation
- there is a proliferation of means to distribute information and entertainment.
Media Convergence
- large corporations that are content providers buy up more of the means to distribute information.
More Terms
Reed's Media Models
$$$$ = Power (education, knowledge)
CC students earn 20-30 % more than high school grads!!!!
High Tech/High Touch
greater than IQ
The World Is Flat (2.0) by Thomas L. Friedman. Must read for today’s serious college students!!!
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