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Fergal Ransom

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Cooking

What are these items used for?
The amazing power of baking powder
What puts the blue in blue smarties
Buttery biscuit base
To cook or not to cook?
Food additives
Many of the foods we eat every day have food additives in them. These additives all have different effects such as:

Flavour enhancers

Antioxidants are generally used in food preservation to stop food reacting with oxygen and going off.
Baking power!
Colourings are used to make food "look more appealing". most of the time the colourings are just used in icings in cakes and sweets.

Flavour enhancers are used in artificial foods which dont have any natural flavour. Generally these foods are sweets that are meant to taste like a type of fruit or other known flavour.
Baking powder is added to loads of food to help them rise. One food which uses baking powder is cakes without witch the cakes would never taste the same.

Bread uses yeast instead of baking powder to rise as the yeast bacteria produce carbon dioxide which allows the bread to rise.
Monday, April 10, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Its not burnt you fool!
What happens when food is cooked?
Keeps your food together!
We cook food for many different reasons such as to improve taste and texture or to kill of bacteria on that item of food. The bigger question is what actually happens when we cook food.

The action of cooking food is a chemical reaction which means that it can't be undone after. This is due to the heat energy manipulating the molecules with in the food.

One of the main molecules which changes in food is protein molecules which change shape altering it texture and taste. The same happens with carbohydrates but instead they swell up and get bigger which is why some foods are softer when they have been cooked.
Emulsifiers are used to stop water and fat from separating in foods. They work because they have hydrophobic tails which attracts the oil and a hydrophilic end which is attracted to water. When both of these are attracted they keep the oil and the water mixed so the oil does not create a layer on the top of the water.
Cooking Food
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