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Full Sail Mastery Journey

No description

Brandy Cranford

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Full Sail Mastery Journey

Mastery Timeline
April - Executive Leadership
Goal: Properly manage professional relationships to achieve business goals.
May - Project and Team Management
Goal: Learn the principles of project management, explore the various factors of team management, and how to create a productive team.
June - Business Storytelling and Brand Development
Goal: Learn how to implement brand development strategies that assist companies in becoming icons within the sports industry and how to use storytelling principles to strengthen a business.
July - Entertainment Business Finance
August - Negotiation and Deal Making
Goal: Acquire the essential business skills and confidence that enable entertainment business professionals to grow companies, establish a strong business presence, and enhance product development.
September - Sports Management and Operations
Goal: Attain management practices within the sports industry and how to apply them to operational scenarios.
October - Legal Issues in Sports
Goal: Learn the impact of the law on sports and examine how evolving trends are affecting the way sports agreements are structured.
November - Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Sales
Goal: Develop an understanding of topics and concepts pertaining to sports marketing and the role of sports sponsorships.
March - Mastery
Goal: Establish a deep connection with academic, as well as personal, discipline and develop professional leadership skills
December - Digital Marketing
Goal: Learn development of effective marketing plans that promote sports within the digital media.
January - Business Plan Development
Goal: Incorporate the business skills instilled over the course of study into research for my own business plan.
February - Final Project: Business Plan
Goal: Present a successful business plan that encompasses academic objectives and concepts learned from each course.

Brandy Cranford
Brought to you by:
Entertainment Business M.S.
Beginning with the end in mind...
To me the end goal ultimately is happiness in a vocation. That will act as a ray, continuing on to infinity.
The Ideal Mentor
Has my best interest at heart
Has a good sense of humor
My best interest at heart
Good sense of humor, yet respectable

Brandy Krier
Associate Director of Marketing at Orthosensor
Darcy Nichols
Director, NFL Relations Mgmt for Dairy Mgmt Inc.
Kristen Zimmerman
Course Director at Full Sail University
Mark Waller
Corenna Smith
Director of Marketing & Communications at Fox Sports Florida
Casey Wasserman
CEO of Wasserman Media Group
1. Purposely schedule reading time slots into my calendar for reading of the materials, Robert Greene's
to maintain a grasp of the course concepts.

2. Create an iMovie presentation with the help of the tutorial on lynda.com

2. Utilize Purdue OWL to refresh my knowledge of APA formatting.
1. Take advantage of the Full Sail ESPN Sessions as ways of connecting socially and expanding my PLN, as well as learning about the entertainment business.

2. Follow my contacts via social networks to examine the leadership qualities of those in my field, as well as their influence.

3. Utilize Business Source Premier (EBSCOhost) to keep up with credible trends in the entertainment business.
1. Watch the What is Agile Product Management, because I do not have any working knowledge of the concept. http://www.lynda.com/Business-Project-Management-tutorials/What-agile-project-management/122428/147340-4.html

2. Having already studied motivational aspects of sports in my undergrad, building team morale is where it will be beneficial to my journey to mastery and should I need additional resources I still have the book,
The Way of the Champion
by Dr. Jerry Lynch.

3. I am emotionally non confrontational, however I know that in the future, if I ever want to get above entry-level, I will have to master this daemon. I look forward to mastering the concepts in this course involving confronting team conflict, and I will diligently study them so that I can overcome.
1. Connect with classmates in the Student Branding Society to get collaborative feedback on my work in developing my own brand, and/or to find a study partner.

2. Possibly get some face-to-face time with Brandy Krier, one of my connections, to see if she could further discuss the course contents with me to help me gain a better understanding by comparing it to the field of work I am currently in.

3. Gain insight on how to 'tell and sell' my story by understanding the following article written by Nick Nanton.

Nanton, N. (2014). Tell and Sell Your Story. Sales & Service Excellence, 14(1), 10.
1. Learn as much more as I can about excel, or the beginning working knowledge of the finance tool preferred, via lynda.com tutorials.

2. Use this video as a transition into the coarse so I at least understand the basic definitions of the financial terms. http://www.lynda.com/Business-Finance-tutorials/Financial-Literacy-Reading-Financial-Reports/135826-2.html

3. Utilize the notes for the personal finance seminar in the forms for EBMS organization. https://orgsync.com/50334/files/255676/show
Goal: Become proficient in identifying and evaluating entertainment business opportunities and projects using financial principles, while also keeping in mind how to raise the necessary finances to fund these opportunities.
1. Practicing the tips posted by Liz George in Full Sail connect on public speaking. https://orgsync.com/50038/news_posts/51946

2. Continuously practice self-awareness by thinking about what I am doing or saying at any given moment, and not letting auto-pilot engage there by possibly opening me up to an opportunity of looking foolish.

3. Digest the art of negotiating by practicing the three key skills pointed out by Sanibel in the following article. http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/203168

1. Visit the ESPN Lab at Full Sail and see what it is like behind the scenes and know what it takes to operate such a large network.

2. Follow Todd Dewett's weekly business management tips, and other helpful videos via Lynda.com.

3.Take detailed notes on operations, as it is a branch of business that I am unfamiliar with.
1. Make use of the LexisNexis database for legal issues research. http://www.lexisnexis.com.oclc.fullsail.edu:81/hottopics/lnacademic/

2. Practice being unbiased in any legal issue that is brought up during the course so that I have practice for the future and that I may see the bigger picture.

3. Keep a judicial dictionary bookmarked should I come across any unknown legal verbiage. http://dictionary.law.com/
1. Watch and follow ESPN, as well as other sports networks, to gain insights to different sponsors and marketing techniques.

2. Remain humble so that I have the ability to not only gain, but keep customer relationships.

3. While researching I will use Communication and Mass Media Complete via EBSCOhost to get the best related material possible.
1. While brainstorming, I found that digital media is a big deal in my field therefore, I will schedule times in my schedule to deeply focus on the course content as well as use different social media tutorials (e.g. google+, twitter, tumblr.) via Lynda.com to experiment and research how to use as many different digital social media outlets as possible.

2. My knowledge on developing websites is VERY minimal, I will be utilizing tutorials for how to build a website, starting with the planning. http://www.lynda.com/Joomla-tutorials/Planning-your-website/110275/118693-4.html

3. I will also try and connect with members of the Web Enabled Brains (W.E.B) club at Full Sail to see if I can get a phone-a-friend lifeline.
1. Research in this course is key, I will be utilizing the library online resources EBSCOhost, LexisNexis, etc. to build solid evidence to support my business plan.

2. Get hands on experience by working with the Opportunities organization at Full Sail to be placed in a position related to my field.

3. Utilize connections within Full Sail's Entertainment Networking Society to gather any suggestions for my business plan.
1. Use collaborative resources from all courses to demonstrate a working knowledge of the entertainment business.

2. Get as much feedback as possible from available connections to perfect my business strategies.

3. View Prezi tutorials online and through Lynda.com to bestow the most attractive presentation as possible. http://www.lynda.com/search?q=Prezi&f=level%3a2^Intermediate
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