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Normal is Just the Beginning

No description

Nikki Akparewa

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Normal is Just the Beginning

Whole Person Well-Being
The Rescuing Provider
While most health care professionals would claim that our intent is to empower rather than presume to have the answers for our clients, our actions frequently betray our intentions.

Health care providers need a wellness model that is practical, engaging & empowering
Wellness Is a Huge Industry
Our clients are starting to desire more healthy options. We look for yoga, spa's, alternative therapies to offset the many activities that make us so unhealthy.
Chronic Exhaustion

Sense of diminished effectiveness

Unproductive feelings of anger and resentment towards those we profess to be helping

Structured Wellness Education provide tools for Cohesiveness, Communication & Creativity
When we Make Whole Person Well Being apart of our goals, the outcome will be a
of providers who work as a TEAM who are ENGAGED.
Do health care providers understand how to care for themselves and their patients from a whole being approach?
Does health education prepare the health care provider for wholistic patient care?

Worth 1.9 trillion dollars, the wellness industry is booming
Going below the Surface: Engaging Nurses in Self-Care Practices

Rescuing Behavior Leads to:
Give when not asked
Neglects to find out if offer is welcome
Gives help more and longer than needed
Doesn't check results and feels good when accepted, bad when turned down
Does the majority of the talking
Burnout is reversible...
Who are better able to provide patient-centered care & increase patient satisfaction
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