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Red Lobster - Campbell Case

No description

Andrew Pham

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Red Lobster - Campbell Case

Eve Taunton's Testimony
Jean Larimer's Testimony
According to Jean Larimer, the general manager of the Red Lobster in Marston and also who fired Mary Campbell, The guest felt violated because her card was taken from the box and her complaint was ignored.

Larimer pointed out that this is a serious violation of company policy (subjected to the company rule book).
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Question 4
The hostess, Eve Taunton, who gave the key of comment box to Campbell, said she thought it was not a big deal because many people would come up to her to get the key, like Campbell did.
Mary Campbell, a waitress in Red Lobster chain (Marston), was fired suddenly.
She called for a peer review to recover her job and three weeks of lost wages.
A Panel of Employees was trying to determine whether she had been unjustly fired for stealing a guest comment card.
The Review Panel includes:
Bringing affordable seafood to mainstream America
Mary Campbell's Testimony
Red Lobster
Bill Darden
founded Red Lobster in 1968
as seafood Experts
Peer Evaluation Approach
An effective way of channeling constructively the pain and anger that employees feel after being fired or disciplined by their managers.
Reducing the incidence of lawsuits
Company could save on legal expenses
About 100 disputes end up in peer review in a year -> only 10 subsequently resulting in lawsuits.
Other chain from Darden Industries: Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse,The Capital Grill, etc.
American casual dining restaurants
Main focus is on quality and service provision
Over 700 Red Lobster restaurants in the US and Canada
What decision would you make and why?
recovering her work
not gaining the three weeks wages
receiving the training again

receiving the training again

Whereas, in accordance with Campbell, the true story was as follows:
Question 1
What are the marketing implications of this situation?
A customer at a franchise of Red Lobster was unsatisfied with her meal (undercooked). After being cooked more, she was still displeased and refused to eat the food.

The waitress offered a free dessert calm the situation, but was declined by the guest.
Question 2
Evaluate the concept of peer review
What are its strengths and weaknesses?
What type of environment is required to make it work well?
Protects employees from unfair dismissal.
Saves corporate legal expenses by not creating a lawsuit.

Possibility of board members to identify with whomever is being reviewed, might hinder the reliability of the review.
For the review to work well such must be prepared:
a clear understanding of the process by the peers.
Large amount of panelists, whom of which should not know the protagonist.
All parties must take the situation seriously.
Question 3
By reviewing the evidence, do you believe the testimony presented?
Besides the dismissal of Campbell, no other violation has been highlighted. This may point out that Campbell was one of the good employees of the restaurant.

Campbell did politely suggest that prime rib always has fat on it and was willing to arrange to have the meat cooked more.

Campbell didn’t deny that she asked the restaurant hostess for the key to open the comment box and took the card. But her intention was show to Larimer, she just forgot to tell her.
What Campbell did is just unethical as it violated the company rules. As a veteran (19 years) working in Red Lobster, she should be more aware with the company rules.

Campbell should be staying calm if she didn’t do anything wrong; especially, she did immediately come up with a means of compensation for the guests.

What is more, she could have just informed Larimer about the comment card instead of taking it out from the box.
Taunton admitted she didn’t think giving away the key is a big deal.

Obviously, she wasn't very familiar with the company rules since she was a part timer.
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