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English presentation Mr. Bean

No description

Irene van Rooij

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of English presentation Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean Rowan Atkinson The man behind Mr. Bean
Born at 06-01-1955
Famous for acting, mostly because
of Mr. Bean
Has a master degree at Oxford University How Mr. Bean was born Rowan was practicing some expressions

whole new character

Mr. Bean The character Rowan Atkinson describes him as
'a child in a grown man's body'

Mr Bean is having a hard time
solving various problems presented
by everyday tasks.

He rarely speaks.

The largely physical humour is derived from his interactions
with other people and his unusual
solutions to situations Some facts - first episode: 01-02-1990
- only 14 twenty-five minute episodes made
- 2002: animated series, 26 half hour episodes
- Mr Bean's girlfriend: Irma Gobb
- Teddy is Mr Bean's best friend
- Mr Bean's car is a huge topic
- Latin title song: Ecce homo qui est faba – "Behold the man who is a bean" British humour some characteristics in general:
-Heavy sarcasm
-Making fun of others
-Much irony
-Laugh at bad serious matters
-Delivered in a dry manner
-Can be really subtle
-Class structure (underclass, middle class, upper-class)
-Always look on the bright side of life
-Stupidity The characteristics in Mr. Bean -Heavy sarcasm (sometimes the joke is about yourself and you don’t even realize that)
-Delivered in a dry manner
-Always look on the bright side of life
-Stupidity Finishing video Mr. Bean at the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony,
his final performance...
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