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The Impact of the Social Web on Activism

Understanding methods utilized by traditional and digital activism

Gloria Lee

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of The Impact of the Social Web on Activism

ACTIVISM The IMPACT of the SOCIAL WEB on What is intentional action to bring about social, political, economic, or environmental change. Synonomous with Social Good online fundraising advocacy social networks Internet bond communities common interest solutions Cause Marketing Marketing involving cooperative efforts of a "for profit" business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit 2 BILLION videos are watched daily 500 MILLION active users 55 MILLION tweets are sent on any given day Traditional Activism Activities
Awareness: limited internationalization
Risk Digitial Activism Grassroots activities using networked technologies for social, political and economic change campaigns CASE STUDY: Movember VS Malcolm Gladwell's Argument "The revolution will not be tweeted"

Social media platforms harbour weak ties.
Effective activism requires:
strong relationships
degree of risk
hierarchical organiation Slacktivism describes feel-good online activism that has zero political or social impact. Participants are under the illusion the they are creating a meaningful impact on the world without demanding more than a click, RT or forwarded email Social media saves the day! Wait, not so fast... Outcomes
Raised $525,000 in 2007 to $18 million in 2010.
Participation increase of 337%
62% participants talked about men’s health with friends, family or work colleagues
30% participants did some of their own research into the causes Movember supports
39% participants sought medical advice
36% participants encouraged someone else to seek medical advice http://klout.com/movember http://www.twitter.com/movember Advantages of Digital
Activism Micro donations
Rapid mobilization
Media awareness
Centralized portal of information

But let's not forget So Now What? Online and offline social networks should not be seen as disjointed mechanisms Traditional activism is enhanced
by digital tools Bracelets aren’t a method for making change, but they certainly draw attention to a cause. Hierarchies DO exist - influence Activism is most effective when it utilizes traditional and digital strategies Gloria Lee
MRKT 3311 What is
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