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Black Veil Brides

No description

Tara Hayes

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides
What are their names?
How old are they?
Andy Sixx (Andrew Dennis Biersack) is 22 years old. he was born on the 26th of december 1990.

Christian (Christian Cc Coma Mora) is 28 years old. he was born on the 21st of April (Same birthday as me) 1985.

Jinxx (Jeremy Miles Ferguson) is 27 years old. He was born on January the 7th 1986.

Jake Pitts (Jacob Mark Pitts) was born on the August 21, 1985. he is 28 years old.
Where do they come from?
The black Veil Brides originate from California, united states.
What are Black Veil Brides?
The lead singers name is Andy Sixx (Andrew Dennis Biersack) He is Lead vocalist and a song writer.

Jinxx (Jeremy Miles Ferguson) Is the guitarist, pianist and violinist.

Then there is Jake Pitts (Jacob Mark Pitts) He is a guitarist, engineer, song writer.

Ashley Purdy is a singer and bass player. He sings backing vocals.

Then there Christian (Christian "Cc" Coma) He is the drummer for Black Veil Brides.

What kind of music do they play
Black veil brides play heavy metal music with screaming and normal singing. They have very Meaningful lyrics which is why a lot of people like them. They sing screamo music and death metal and are a little similar to Kiss
How many members are there?
There are 5 members in Black
Veil Brides. Andy, Chris, Jinxx, Ash and Jake.
When did Black
Veil Brides start the band?
When did they start the band?
They were formed in 2006 and became a proper band in 2007. they were Formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
The band was formed in
2006, but the band became well known in 2007. The band started in Ohio when Andy Sixx, the orginal member of the band was looking for members.
How were the Black Veil Brides discovered?
Black Veil Brides were
discovered on their my space page im pretty sure. Teenage girls loved the main member Andy Sixx. They became a proper band in 2007 and they were formed in 2006. They are known for the music that relates to mainly teenage girls.
What made the want to start the band and why?
Lead vocalist Andy Sixx grew
a passion for music at the young age of 3, when he found his fathers collection of rock music. At the age of 14, Andy started a band called 'Biersack' and over time that band formed into Black Veil Brides. Andy formed a band because of his strong passion for music.
How long has the band
Black Veil Brides been out?
Black Veil Brides has been
a known band since 2006-2007.
Black Veil brides is an american rock band in Hollywood, California.
Black Veil Brides are known for black studded clothing, black painted skin, long black punk hair, and tight skinny jeans inspired by Kiss.
Black Veil Brides no make up
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