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No description

Lesley garduno

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Romanticism

Arts in the Industrial Age
Arts Rejecting Romantic Ideas
Van Gogh
Victor Hugo;Beethoven;Charles Dickens
Victor Hugo
The Call to Realism
Charles Dickens
Victor Marie Robert 26 February 1802
What is it ?
* It is not the feeling of Romance.
It stresses creativity, liberty, peace , order and emotion.
Glorified Nature
influenced many artists
included art , literature, and music
was inspired by old culture and ways
started at the end of the 18th century
Pictures of Victor Hugo
Romantics emphasized on imagination
The arts focused on ordinary subjects
They were more realist rather than imaginative and their work shows it
Romantic Hero
The Romantic Revolt against Reason
Impressionism: type of art that captured firt fleeting impression made by a scene or object
This movement in art began in Paris
Claude Monet (a painter and impressionist) used a different painting technique
He also painted the cathedral at Rougen, France
new variety style of art
new art movement and time period
Vincent Van Gogh used a unique brushwork with sharp brushes and bright colors
There were also other painters with unique techniques who were postimpressionists like Paul Gauguin and Georges Seurat
Admired Beethoven's music
Influenced by François-René
Born February 7, 1812 in Landport, Hampshire, England
In his childhood loved outdoors yet loved reading books
"Debt Prison"
Novel by a real story
Romantics were not happy being told what to think
they believed it was important to have imagination as well as natural instincts

romantic writers, specifically, felt the need to include intense feelings and an admiration for nature in their works

A German musician and composer
Became known of his music by the age 17
His father told everyone that Beethoven was a child prodigy
Lost his hearing at the age of 26

inspired by the past
were poets ,artists, and composers
were known as Byronic Heroes
Music artist
Deaf of Beethoven
Who and what ?
Mask OF Beethoven
Mask Of Beethoven
Was a energetic man and full of humor
Lord Byron
One of his concerts
Charles Dickens
A Christmas Carol
In his memory made a statue in his 202nd
re-created France's past in novels with Alexander Dumas

William Wordsworth
John Keats
Ketrisha Bloomfield
Lesley Garduno
Jocelyne Medina
Joel Garcia
realism was a new artistic movement that took hold in the West

it was an effort to represent the world as it was without the sentiment related with romanticism

realists focused their work on the harsh side of life in cities and villages
Hubert von Herkomer, Hard Times 1885
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