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Ten most overused words

A presentation discussing the 10 most overused words in the English language and their origin.

Simen Ringdahl

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Ten most overused words

Eight most overused words in English Hate Love Literally Overused words are words that have lost their meaning after being used too much over a long period of time. Awesome Adjective Nice Adjective
Adverb Like Preposition
Discourse Particle Verb
Noun Verb
Adjective Intensifier Overused Words • Origin
• Actual meaning
• How it is used today Comes from Norse word
gilik meaning same Comes from Latin meaning Stupid Comes from Greek meaning to care Unknown origin More than 90% of all songs are written about love Awe + Some Feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder Awful Full of awe Scandinavian Origin
Meaning to compare This word means exactly the opposite of what it meant originally Literally then meant "this is real" "My head was literally exploding!" Literally today is exaggeration or a sense of irony. Bitch Comes from old Norwegian word for dog: "Bikkje" Means female dog. The use of bitch as an insult is as old as the 1300 Gay Originates from French word "Gai", meaning "Joyful" Adjective Andreas, Roman and Simen Thank You
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