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Problem Solving

No description

Emeline Nae

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Problem Solving

Problem Solving
I- Gestalt Approach
II-Computational Approach
III-Representational Change Theory
Maier (1931) Pendulum Problem
Duncker 1945

Luchins 1942
Water jar problem
Newell & Simon 1972
Tower of Hanoi

Knochblich et al. 1999
Matchstick problem

Mac Gregor 2001
Nine dots problem

Newell & Simon (1972)
Ohlsson (1992)
Gestalt Approach
past experience: benefit ?
-> functional fixedness

cognitive process
aimed at transforming a given situation into a
goal situation

no obvious method
of solution is available to the problem solver"

Productive Thinking
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