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Unit Plan: French Regions

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Nicole Hanlon

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Unit Plan: French Regions

Unit Plan:
Les Régions de France

How are these ideas developmentally appropriate?
Interpersonal: Students will play games such as "What am I doing?" and "Where am I?"
Interpretive: Students will watch a YouTube video on a French region (Provence) and answer questions

Students will work in groups of 2-3 to create a travel brochure for their chosen region and to present it to the class.
Brochure to include a description of the region's topography and climate, possible activities to do in the region, and what items of clothing travelers should pack for their vacation
Daily Lesson Overview
Standards Addressed
Grades 6-8
Social Studies
Les Régions de France:
Unit Web
Discuss popular sports in France vs. USA
Play "What am I doing?" activity with pastimes
Use TPR to introduce Geographical vocabulary
Physical Education
Analyze a topographical map of France’s natural features (mountains, lakes, rivers)
Compare and contrast the French seasons/climates in different regions (temperature)
Discuss weather in France and compare it to weather here in Ohio
Create a brochure to encourage people to visit a specific region
Have students photoshop themselves in a photo at their destination
Have the group create a logo for their travel company
Discuss France's geographical regions and their historical importance
Familiarize students with a map of France and its regions
Compare and contrast France and the United States based on size and geographical features
Convert euros to dollars using xe.com to research current exchange rates
Create a Venn Diagram to compare what kind of clothing is worn during what seasons
Compare population size between France and Ohio and France and the USA
Students are learning about maps and climates in America
Middle-school students are mature enough for group work
Students already familiar with geology, land formations, weather, etc in English (Yardsticks 152)
After age 12, students are able to link and synthesize writing to reading/prompt (travel brochure)
Students capable of conducting internet research (Yardsticks 139)
Background Information
8th Grade Students
2nd Year French (5 days/week at 45 minutes per lesson)
Been studying French for 1.5 years
Why French regions?
Show France as a diverse country
Begin to introduce French geography
Umbrella for various topics
Student Information
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Introduce the 22 different French regions and vocabulary for France's geographical features
Review "avoir"
Show YouTube video explaining French geography with fill-in-the-blank activity
Interactive map
Introduce France's different climates
Compare and contrast French weather with Ohio
Review weather grammar and vocabulary: Il fait...
Show French weather report
Information Gap activity with partners (Quel temps fait-il en Aquitaine?)
Use TPR to introduce vocabulary for different activities/hobbies
Play "What am I doing?"
Discuss regional differences in activities. Where would be a good place to ski? Where would be a good place to hike?
Introduce clothing vocabulary
Sort items on clothing based on appropriate climate
Discuss what a traveler would pack to visit different areas
Play "What am I wearing?"
Review previous lessons: where are certain regions and features on the map? What kinds of weather do places have?
Play "Where am I?"
Give students times to work on their travel brochures in small groups
Interpretive, Interpersonal, Presentational, Culture
Materials Needed
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