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No description

Faith Chavez

on 29 November 2017

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Transcript of Autogenics

Brain Physiologist Oskar Vogt. worked with patients in hypnosis training. However he noticed as his subjects entered into a hypnosis state they felt warmth and heaviness throughout their bodies.
The exercises are geared toward activating the parasympathetic nervous system, this causes blood to flow easier, hence the feeling of warmth.
The Mechanics

Benefits of Autogenics
Cancer patients participated in a study where they implemented Autogenics into their daily life.
- improved ability to cope
- stronger "Fighting Spirit"
- reduced cancer related anxiety
- actually improved outcomes of cancer
Proof It Really Works!
Because of its calming abilities, practicing autogenics methods can help advanced athletes to stay calm and perform well in high pressure situations.
Results: Autogenics training is the most beneficial for
* Tension Headaches
* Migraine Headaches
* Mild-To-Moderate Essential Hypertension
* Coronary Heart Disease
* Bronchial Asthma
* Somatoform Pain Disorder
* Raynauds Disease
* Anxiety Disorders
* Mild to Moderate Depression
* Functional Sleep Disorders
Meta-Analysis: combination of results from many studies on a certain topic
-comes from greek word autos meaning self and genos meaning origin. Therefore autogenics is self relaxation in order to feel the body.

Johannes Shultz is recognized for the creation of autogenics after she continued the work of Vogt. and published her work called Autogenic Training and is now considered the classic account of autogenic training.
Wolfgang Luthe, Shultz student, brought the autogenics teachings to North America, translated much of Shultz work from german to English.
The goal is to reach vasodilation, the feeling of relaxation when muscles usually taxed from constant fight or flight tension release.
Reduced heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and tension.
Helps to cope with anxiety, phobic disorders, and hysteria
parasympathetic nervous system is the bodies way to bring it back to homeostasis
Stops tension headaches resulting in less medications being taken.
Results have shown to decrease effects for people suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder
AT has also shown improvements for people with insomnia
Autogenic practicing pilots and command crew were calmer during intense flying conditions.
Europian athletes have commonly used AT as a training method for years. One main focus of their methods is giving subtle motivating and confidence building suggestions while in the calm trance-like state.
AT activities include deep breathing, focusing, and suggesting the body to relax. he Suggestions can be the most impotant part, once completely relaxed your body should listen to your metnal suggestions to be calm, confident. happy, etc.
Obviously it is easier said than done to find time daily or even a few times a week to solely focus on relaxing, but the benefits really are worth it.
SNL Skit of relaxation therapy
Tips for best Autogenic training experience
1. Coorperation
2. Self-Direction & Self-Control
3. Posture:
* Lying on Flat & Soft Surface
* Hands to your sides
* Feet forming a V with heels almost touching and toes pointing outward.
4. No outside noise, turn off lights and phones.
5. Focus Internally
6. Do not try to force any feelings.
"effortless effort"
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