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darius stanley

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of ANIMAL CELLS

CENTRIOLES PHOTO OF A CENTRIOLES STRUCTER CHROMATIN GOLGI APPARATUS PHOTO OF GOLGI APPARATUS PHOTO OF CHROMATIN INTERMEDIA FILAMENT THESE PAIRED CYLINDRICA BODIES ARE EACH COMPOSED OF NINE TRIPLETS OF MICROTUBULE NETWORK DURING MITOSIS TO FORM THE SPINDLE AND ASTER AND THE BASES OF CILIA AND FLAGELLA. CHROMATIN IS GRANULAR THREAD LIKE MATERIAL THAT IS COMPOSED OF DNA AND HISTONE PROTEINS.DNA CONSTITUES THE GENES. the golgi apparatus is a stack of smooth membrance sacs and associated vesudes that are close to the nuclues.the appartaues package,modifies,and segregates protien for secrection from the cell for inclusion in lysosome and for incorporation into the plasma membrance. the composition of these protien fibers varies the stable cytoskeletal elements resist mechanical force acting on the cell PHOTO OF INTERMIDIA FILAMENT LYSOSOME LYSOSOME ARE MEMBRANOUS SACS THAT CONTAIN ACID HYDDROACLLLULAR DIGESTION MICROFILAMENT microfilament are fine filament of the contracile protein actin they are involve in muscle contraction and withotherfor of intracellual movement they form the cells cyskotleton cilia,and PHOTO OF A MICROINFILAMENT MICROTUBULE microtubule are cylindreal structures made of tublin proteins they support the cell and give it shape PHOTO OF A MICROTUBULE MICROVILLI these minute,finger like extenison arise from the plasma membrance surface,they hep to increase the surface PHOTO OF A MICROVILLI MITOCHONDRION mitochondrion are rod-like.double-membrance structure this inner membrance is folder into projection called cristae this is the sire of ATP PHOTO OF MITOCHONDRION
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