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Business Technology Story

No description

Ekuwa Peters

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Business Technology Story

Double click anywhere & add an idea Celebrity Pay It all started when Macy's just fired their publicist. Now they needed a new celebrity to support them. If only they could find someone powerful enough, rich enough, talented enough to do the job. Melena Valdez stood with her teeth chattering. She was about to make a record deal with Jonny Cash! The most famous recorder in all of history! If only he would just tell her how he felt about the song she just sang. The suspense was killing her! Everything started to go into slow motion. Cash opened his mouth and said....... Brook, wasn't happier than last time. No!" she screamed. "This brat won't do!" Brook was still at auditions for a commercial for Macy's. So far, no one was good enough. At this rate, there wasn't going to be a Macy's if they couldn't get someone to advertise for them. "We need someone- fast!"
Brook Harlow, the publicity director for Macy's, frowned at what she saw. " Thanks for coming" she said to the person auditioning with a smile. After they left she grnmbled "These people have no talent! What are we gonna do?" The Macy's department needed someone to do a commercial for them, but so far, no one could do it. "What we need is someone who is new to being a celebrity. That way it will be a win-win! We get to use someone new, they get a new act of fame. Its perfect!" Melena stared out the window. "I can't believe it!" she thought. "I'm in Hollywood! Soon I'm going to be on stage, signing autographs, acting in movies. This is going to be awesome! I just can't wait! I think I'll start writing a song right now. "And cut!" the director shouted. " I packed my bags, said goodbye, then I left my friends with a long, sad sigh. Came right here, clothed in fear, but I'm gonna make every minute worth it noooooowww." Melena sang as she walked down the street to her manager's building. "Pretty good. A little work and it could be my new hit! I'll show it to Colin and he'll tell me." ed "And, cut!" Brook stared at the celebrity she had found. It was Taylor Walsh, the famous actress! She was perfect. She had her lines well said, the actions were in time, it was all going good. Maybe, they could make a series of commercials for Taylor! Everything was going according to plan. "Perfect! Take five." Melena had just finished recording her new song. She heard her manager was going to send it to a music company somewhere. It was going to be expensive, but it was worth it. If only now she could start on her acting career. Things were back to the usual chaos at the publicity department. Taylor had just quit due to the complaint that she wasn't getting paid enough
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