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Cloud Project

No description

Crossan Cooper

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Cloud Project

Visible Mass of Condensed Water Floating in the Atmosphere Project
The Photo
My Beautiful Artistic Rendering
It's not here....but it did use black construction paper and white cotton balls.
Paradigm Shift
Initial Perspective: I was a failure if Cole ever out-did me
Agent of Change: The chaos which was Caldwell Elementary
Final Perspective: My efforts were only failures if the reason for my lower score, lacking performance, etc... was my own lack of sufficient effort
Crossan Cooper
The Construction Paper
Black- 1. Negative or depressing connotation
2. Association with evil or darkness of the heart
Paper- Something created by man, symbolic of worldly ideals
The Cotton Balls
White- Symbolic of purity
Cotton Balls- Cleansing agent, remove impurities and outer layers
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