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Alejandro Orozco Ruzafa

on 30 May 2018

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Cyberbullying is a type of harssament that uses threats, blackmail, etc., bet
The Jokin case

Jokin Ceberio was a Spanish teenager who committed suicide because of continued school harassment and morale and reiterated by his peers.Although his parents tried by all means to stop the harassment that Jokin suffered, they could not prevent Jokin he commits suicide. He was a teenager whose school mistreatment lasted from September 2003, until September 2004. He committed suicide 4 days before turning 15 years old.
How difficult is cyberbulling to detect?

It is important to educate families about the urgency and importance in the detection and early intervention of cyberbullying. The impunity that cyberbullying can offer, by allowing the anonymity of the aggressor can be a reinforcer of the behavior of the aggressor who can adopt blackmail and manipulation as a way of life in all his social relations.
Consequences of cyrbulling.
Cyberbulling victims are more likely to suffer from depressive and anxiety symptoms, behavior problems and social adjustment, and drug use.

The victims of Cyberbullying have diminished their self-esteem and self-confidence, worsen their academic results, and diminish their social relations.

Many victims of Cyberbullying can become stalkers.

Cyberbulling produces feelings of anger, anger, sadness, frustration and helplessness in the victims.

Cyber-aggressors tend to have a greater probability of moral disconnection, lack of empathy, personality and antisocial behavior, school absenteeism, drug use and criminal behavior
What is cyberbulling?
Put stop to cyberbulling. If you are being bullied, let people know. If you see somebody else being bullied, let people know. We need your solidarity
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