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Community Policing

Kawika Hafoka

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Drugs

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli William Sullivan

Principles of Effective Treatment
Addiction is a complex but treatable disease that affects brain function and behavior.
Many drug–addicted individuals also have other mental disorders.
Treatment does not need to be voluntary to be effective.
No single treatment is appropriate for everyone. Drug Rehabilitation There are several ways that drugs are entered into the United States. Sea, Air, Land, they can be transported by commercial vehicles, and or hiding the drug in their cars. another way is by going underground. Drug Trafficking
BY Eric Goldhardt Counter Drugs Cannabis
Narcotics Types of Drugs &
The Effects of Drugs on People Family or relationship problems
Financial Problems
Health Problems
Legal Problems Effects of Drugs on the Family & Community Quiz by: Ken Du Ree by Kawika Hafoka Drugs by Ken Du Ree, Eric Goldhardt, William Sullivan, Michael Resendiz, Kawika Hafoka Children are particularly susceptible to suffering from emotional stress. 1. Cost of Drug Abuse:
Substance abuse cost our nation over $484 billion dollars per yer.
Young American lives. Effects on the Community 4. Drugs & Driving: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that drugs are used by approximately 10-22% of drivers involved in crashes, often in combination with alcohol.
Aggressive behavior
Impaired vision Emotional Stress:
Self Pity
Shame Blood-shot eyes
Dry Mouth
Increased Appetite
Impaired Memory & Comprehension
Reduced Concentration &Ability to Perform Tasks
Lack of Motivation
Paranoia & Psychosis Cannabis Marijuana
Hash oil
etc... EFFECTS: Nausea
Sneezing, coughing, nosebleeds
Lack of coordination
Loss of appetite
Decreases heart and respiratory rates
Impaired judgment
Involuntary passing of urine and feces
violent behavior
unconsciousness, or death EFFECTS: Inhalants Nitrous Oxide: Laughing Gas
Amyl Nitrite: Poppers or Snappers
Chlorohydrocarbons: Aerosol sprays
Hydrocarbons: Solvents Increased Heart Rate
Dilated Pupils
Elevated Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, and Body Temperature
Depression EFFECTS: Stimulants Cocaine
Crack cocaine
MDMA/Ecstasy 2. Unemployment:
Long term affect on Children.
Job Attendance & Performance.
Personal Finances & Budget.
31% of Americas Homeless suffer from drug abuse or alcohol. Depressants Barbiturates
Sleeping Pills EFFECTS: Calmness
Relaxed Muscles
Slurred Speech
Altered Perception
Respiratory Depression, Coma, and Death Hallucinogens Phencyclidine-PCP
Lysergic acid diethylamide-LSD
Psilocybin-Magic Mushrooms EFFECTS: Senses are Dulled
Impaired Motor Skills
Heart and Lung Failure Narcotics Opium
Morphine EFFECTS: Feeling of Euphoria
Constricted Pupils
Breathing Problems
Brain Damage
Coma &/or Death Michael Resendiz Michael Resendiz Two types of counter drug efforts: PREVENTATIVE AND REACTIVE How do we fight back? * THROW THEM AWAY
* REPORT! What problems can drug use cause? Family members may neglect their own friends, hobbies and health, as they spend time covering up and making excuses for the addicted family member. Prescription drugs have now the fastest growing abuse rate in the country. How do we fight against the
abuse of prescription drugs? Start by throwing them away! If you have excess pharmaceutical drugs that are no longer needed, you can dispose of them locally here: OREM CITY
Orem Department of Public Safety
95 East Center Street
Orem, UT 84057
(801) 229-7209
Hours: Monday—Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.; 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday. Lobby closed on holidays. About 1 in 9 youth will abuse prescription drugs D.A.R.E. is Community Policing

D.A.R.E. is universally viewed as an internationally
recognized model of community policing. The United States
Department of Justice has identified how D.A.R.E.
benefits local communities: D.A.R.E. "humanizes" the police: that is, young people can begin to relate to officers as people

D.A.R.E. permits students to see officers in a helping role, not just an enforcement role

D.A.R.E. opens lines of communication between law enforcement and youth

D.A.R.E. Officers can serve as conduits to provide information beyond drug-related topics

D.A.R.E. opens dialogue between the school, police, and parents to deal with other issues Legal Problems 3. Criminal Acts: to pay for high costs of drugs.
Property Crimes 1. What are some problems that drug use can cause?
A. Family problems
B. Legal problems
C. Financial problems
D. All of the Above

2. A combination of Behavioral Treatment and Medical Treatment is the best way to rehab with drugs

True or False?
About 80% of the cocaine and 90% of the marijuana that is entered into the United States come from Latin America. Produced in the Andes region (Bolivia, Peru and Colombia), the drugs transit via the West Indies, Central America and Mexico, which are the trafficking centers of the international mafia allied with the Colombian drug cartels that lay down the law in the region.

In May 2012, the Mexican government detained three high-ranking Army generals, including a former second in command at the Defense Ministry, suggesting the depths to which drug cartels have gone in trying to infiltrate one of the primary forces Mr. Calderón has counted on to combat them.

In January 2012, the Mexican government reported that 47,515 people had been killed in drug-related violence since President Felipe Calderón began a military assault on criminal cartels soon after taking office in late 2006 Colombian and Mexican cartels reap $18 billion to $39 billion from drug sales in the United States each year.
Once the drugs are entered into the United States through the borders of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California, the drug then make there way into the metropolitan ares of major city's. Study by Glasgow University found:

1. Older children deliberately introduced their younger siblings to drug use. Which in turn, increased the likelihood that they would use drugs themselves.

2. Family conflict developed between parents and child using drugs and their siblings, especially if the drug-using child was stealing goods and money from the family home, personal businesses, etc. Family Problems Cont.. DARE OBJECTIVES Detective Dale Bowker
Layton City P.D.
437 N. Wasatch Drive
Layton, Utah 84041
Phone: 801.336.3416 How do I get involved? Method One: Call your local Sheriff's Office or Police Department. If you see someone in the process of selling drugs, using drugs or producing drugs, call 911.

Method Two: Contact the agency handling illegal drugs in the area in which you wish to report a crime area. Find the appropriate agency and contact information in the list below. In some cases, you will also be given an email address to allow you to correspond directly with the Drug Unit Commander. REPORT! DEA/Metro Task Force
Statewide, particularly Salt Lake, Tooele and Summit Counties
(801) 524-4156

Utah County Major Crimes Task Force
(801) 426-9281

Wasatch Area Drug Enforcement Network
Tip line, voice mail only: (435) 654-DRUG (654-3784)

Heber City Police Department: (435) 654-3040

Wasatch Co Sheriff’s Office: (435) 654-1411 REPORT DEA UTAH MAJOR
FORCE Effective Treatment Approaches
*Behavioral Therapy
*(Combination of those two is the best way to treat drug abuse) Quiz question, hint hint)
*Psychiatric Assistance (rarely used but can be effective).
*Cold Turkey (also, can be effective but also can be dangerous). Medications
Withdrawal (Helps with Detoxification)
Opioids: Acts on the same targets in the brain as heroin and morphine, methadone and buprenorphine suppress withdrawal symptoms and relieve cravings.
Tobacco: Usually Gum, Lozenges, Spray, or the Patch. Some prescription pills now available.
Alcohol: Three medications have been FDA–approved for treating alcohol dependence: naltrexone, acamprosate, and disulfiram. Behavioral Treatments
(First one is Outpatient)
Cognitive–behavioral therapy
Multidimensional family therapy
Motivational interviewing
Motivational incentives Residential treatment:
Very effective, especially for more severe problems
Live in small groups called Therapeutic Communities (TC's)
Patients in TCs may include those with relatively long histories of drug addiction, involvement in serious criminal activities, and seriously impaired social functioning.
My Brother Josh, a success story. 3. Marijuana, Hashish, Hash Oil is all categorized as what type of drug?
A. Stimulants
B. Depressants
C. Cannabis
D. Narcotics 4. What is one way drugs are smuggled into the USA. 5. What drug has the fastest growing abuse rate in the country?
A. Marijuana
B. Prescription
C. Morphine
D. Methamphetamine
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