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Social Change

No description

Bob shoopdoop

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Change

Social Change
In Video Games
Everyone Everywhere has used a form of social media at one point
And everyone somewhere has also played a game at some point
What is the link between social media and Games though?
Social media is meant for communicating with others while games are for fun.
Games can also incorporate social media in them. Through an online chat system or other means like a trading post.
The link between the two however is the comodification of video games. Social media has made games more marketable to the populace. This gives people who would never really try games other than those in their comfort zone a try.
It also makes games more marketable as a selling point as peoples interests increase in them
This video however shows how the comodification of such a sub culture can also be bad
Anything more to be said on the topic would be bias. only you yourself can decide how its affected your gaming experience.
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