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No description

Michael Vazquez

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of theasus

Theseus Michael Vazquez Rebeca Diaz Cynthia Garcia Gaby Rivera Summary This myth starts off with Theseus finding a pair of golden sandals and sword that led to him starting his journey to find his real father, Aegues, king of Athens. He goes off to find his father an overcomes a series obstacles. He must keep his secret of being the true heir to the throne from King Aegeus's nephew, who thinks he is the next king of Athens. His first obstacle was a giant named Sinis who he wrestled. He later faced a monstrous sow and Procrustes, who's feet, hands, and head were cut off. After these obstacles he finally arrived at Athens and Madea, King Aegeus new wife, knew who Theseus was and why he was there. She tried poisoning them but failed and he finally met his father. Things didn't get any easier after that, he later fought and killed the nephews. Later Theseus volunteered to fight the minotaur and fell in love with Ariadne, who he later fell in love with and helped him find his way out of the maze. His last obstacle was presented to him by his friend, Peirithous, who needed help to win over his true love, the wife of Hades. This last journey ended with him being stuck in hell forever. Subgenre Talks about Gods and Goddesses (Hades, Augeus, Poseidon, ect)
Teaches a Lesson (Do not be boastful or you will have consequences.)
Violence (Killings)
Magic (Theseus has super strength.) Literary Devices Symbolism The rock that Theseus throws away and finds the golden pair of sandals and shoes can represent him getting rid of his poor life and the start of his new richfull life as the true next king of Athens
We can predict that the culture believed in strength and starting over when you have the inner strength and perseverance. Hyperbola The exaggeration of Theseus being stuck on a bench for eternity or be torn apart trying to detach themselves from the bench when he tried helping his friend, Perithous.
Society believed in eternity in hell and from this it can been seen that religion is a major part of their daily lifes. Motif The evil stepmother and step brothers can be seen in the Cinderella story.
We can infer that families in this time believed in divorce and a second chance of finding their true love. Metaphor Theseus fights and kills the Minotaur.
I believe that society believed in overcoming obstacles and thinking outside the box as he finds a trick to get out of the maze. Plot Exposition Mother tells him to pick up a large rock and throw it which lead to Thesues finding gold sandals and a sword.
This journey that he started can be also seen as him seeking his real identity in life. Rising Action Fighting off all the monsters and nephews to get to his father.
We can infer that society believed in taking control of obstacles and beating them. Complications His death at the end of the story.
We can infere that their culture believed that we come to an end and boastfulness can lead to consequences. Climax Trying to trick death.
Greek culture seems to believe that one can not trick death. 1. Bravery: Theseus was thought of as brave and fearless. Theseus fights off the minotaur 2. 2. Motivation: Theseus got through all his obstacles because he was motivated with the thought of reuniting with his father and taking his place at the throne. He fought off his evil stepmother and stepsons to find his father.
3.Boastful: Thinking himself as the most powerful king he believes that he could trick death.
4.Overcoming Obstacles: Being all the monsters and killing the minotaur. 1/2.Bravery is seen as a big factor and motivation in life in greek society to get far in life.
3. It can be seem that a boastful life is a unhappy life as it comes with consequences.
4.Greeks can be seen as not giving up and taking obstacles by the necks and overcoming them. thank you for your consideration. MYTH THANK YOU MRS. SPROWLS. the end! #PAZ PAZ~ HOLLAH weeee weee weeeee~! AHUA!
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