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Copy of The One & Only Ivan

No description

Christina Schindler

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The One & Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan

By: Kathrine
Applegate Images Image 2 Image 1 The One and Only Ivan is a book about animals who lives in the exit 8 Big Top Mall . Ivan, the main character, Has lived in the mall for a very very long time. He is known as a "Mighty Silverback" which is a type of gorilla who leads a pack of gorillas. Silverbacks also have silver hair and beat on their chest. Ivan has a couple friends at the mall, Stella an elephant, Bob a dog, Ruby another elephant and Julia a human. Ruby comes to the mall from the wild. Ruby comes because the mall needs another attraction for tourists. Ruby is a baby elephant. Stella makes Ivan promise her that he will be able to have Ruby live a better life than she did. Ivan and the other animals at the mall get treated very poorly. This is because the mall doesn't have a lot of money to spare. Ivan and the other animals dream of getting free and going to a zoo or somewhere else where they don't have to work 3 shows a day and get treated decently.
Will Ivan and his friends go to a zoo or a better place? Will Ivan keep his promise that he made to Stella? Will the animal ever feel happy again? Read the book and find out. Ivan would watch TV in his cage at the mall. He would watch animal shows, western movies and romance movies, etc. "The Claw Stick"
This was a stick used to train elephants for shows. Stella got hit with this while training and never healed. Prezi By: Olivia Basco Summary Image 3 Ivan loved to paint. He painted pictures that would go for sale in the gift shop. Eventually his paintings take him a long way. Ivan usually finger paints. Summary Characterization Fun Fact Fun Fact Ivan was a real gorilla. He faced very similar problems/situations that Ivan in the book did.

All the other animals in the book are the authors imagination.
Ivan recently died at the zoo Zoo Atlanta(Yes, it is Zoo Atlanta not Atlanta Zoo).

Ivan arrived at the zoo in 1994. Here is a short clip of Ivan at Zoo Atlanta.... Thanks for watching. Setting Setting The setting of my book is Big Top Mall (exit 8) the state or city is not specified. Ivan Ivan is a gorilla who has black fur with a touch of silver. Ivan's age is never specified but he is not young he is around 50-70 years old I assume. Ivan's personality is caring, gentle, smart, and artistic. Ivan can understand what humans say sometimes and in the story he even paints a word on paper. Ivan is artistic because he loves to paint. Ivan also cares for Ruby a baby elephant. Ivan's role in the story is to be an inspiring main character that goes through tough times to get to his goal. Ivan has lived in a glass cage since he was very young will he get to a zoo? Ruby Ruby is a young baby elephant who was brought to the mall from the wild.Ruby came to the mall because the mall needed another attraction to attract tourists.Ruby I assume is gray with a trunk like any other elephant. Ruby's personality is stubborn, curious, chatty, shy, and cute. Ruby is stubborn for example when she first gets trained for shows she refused to move. Ruby is a popular attraction because she is so cute. Ruby always asks whatever question she feels like asking. Ruby's role in the story is to be a cute and innocent elephant who goes with Ivan on his "journey." Recommendation Recommendation I reccomend the book The One and Only Ivan to anyone who likes to read about animals. This book was such a page turner because of how it is written. It is written in poem format s you just keep saying one more page. I do connect with Ruby because sometimes I ask to many questions. I do enjoy the genre this book was written in. It was a fiction novel, I like this because I can enjoy the fantasy characteristic abilities of the animals. I enjoyed the style of writing because it was written in poem format so you can easily read it. Yes, there were suprises that held my attention. For example, when Ivan paints a picture with something incredible on it. What does Ivan paint? Will the animals ever get to ta zoo? Does anyone die ? Read the book and find out.
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