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Downloading Malware & Identity theft_George

Downloading malware: short story Identity theft: Letter All words are in the letter.

George-N. Al K.

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Downloading Malware & Identity theft_George

Downloading Malware I looked for a torrent on the net And found something interesting It looked liked photoshop So I download it open it up at uTorrent I find the software and everything else Time passes for how big the file is and install it Next thing you know... I was robbed by a troll My money went to It And my Youtube account was hacked I bet he had enough with life because he was messing with the wrong guy I decided to delete photoshop It left something behind though and that... ...ladies and gentlemen... was a VIRUS!!!! I had to reboot and re-live my life nice work, troll. Are you happy? now, get that grubby smile off your face and get a life, troll. Identity theft Dear dialf4flipit I hacked your account I made you look very bad your friends hate you now It's not worth talking to them now now, here's what you do: close your account and get a life ********* is not a good password No more friends for you u fail hahahahaha I can laugh forever for all I know anyways gotta go, and hack some more people <3 The troll Right that's it, I'm downloading MacAfee & Norton & Sympatico and all these other anti-virus softwares. Next day, I checked my email. The troll sent me a letter it said: P.S: I left you another virus with the e-mail XDDDD u fail hahahahahahaha THE END
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