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Strike Three You're Dead

I recomend this book.

Lucas Bartholomew

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Strike Three You're Dead

The setting is at the Phillies baseball field in Phillidelphia. This is a important place because this is where the murder happens.
Strike Three You're Dead
Book by: Josh Berk
Prezi by: Lucas Bartholomew

Rising Action
Falling Action pt.1
Table of contents

Slide-1 Title
Slide 2-Table of contents
Slide 3-Author's biography
Slide 4-Setting
Slide 5-Main Characters
Slide 6-Types of characters
Slide 7-Rising action
Slide 8-Climax
Slide 9-Falling action
Slide 10-Resolution
Slide 11-Theme
Author's Biography
Both of Josh Berk's parents are
Some of his favorite books are
by C.S. lewis and Lloyd alexander.
Josh Berk has two dogs.
Main Characters
Lenny-Lenny is known for putting together the detective group know as lenny and the mikes.
Mike-Mike is very stubborn, he always makes things worse.
Other Mike- Other Mike is the brains of the group, he is the one that shoots the video for the announcer contest.
Types of characters
Protagonist-The protagonist in this book is Lenny, Lenny like i said before forms the detective group so they can find out who killed R.J. weathers.
Antagonist-The antagonist in this book is none other than R.J. Weathers him self. He actually died of too much drugs.
Dynamic-The Dynamic character in this book is Frank, Frank used to hate Lenny and the Mikes after a incident at the mall, bu now he is helping them find out who killed R.J. Weathers
Static-The static character in this book is Other Mike, Other Mike always stays the same brainiac he is through out the whole book.
Lenny and the Mikes see a commercial on
TV about a announcer contest, Lenny has a dream of being a announcer so the Mikes get everything set up to shoot the video and send it to the Phillies. A few weeks later Lenny and the Mikes find out they won the contest. Lenny's dad drives them all to the phillies game and get up in the announcer's booth. Before the game starts a old retired Phillies baseball player named R.J. Weathers comes out to pitch the ball one last time.
R.J. Weathers randomly collapses
on the pitchers mound and Lenny and the Mikes are shocked.
The other announcer cancels the game for the day and Lenny and the Mikes drive home sadly in Lenny's dad's car. Lenny and the Mikes decide to find out who killed R.J. Weathers. They go to the library to use the computers to find out where R.J. Weathers used to live. The kids find the address and ride their bikes over to R.J. weather's house. When Lenny and the Mikes get to his house they don't find anything use full. They then find out that a Phillies player named Frank will be signing autographs at the mall. Lenny and the Mikes decide to go there and ask him some questions, but then chaos breaks down, the kids try to cut in line to ask questions but frank is telling them to get back in line. After Frank has had enough he gets the security to get the kids out of the mall. The security fails so Frank takes matters into his own hands.
Falling Action pt.2
Frank chases the kids down himself, He misses everyone but Mike. Mike fails to outrun Frank and gets caught. Frank asks why they are here and what they want. They say they were here to ask him questions about R.J. Weathers. Frank and R.J. Weathers were good friends so he decides to help. Frank invites the kids out to eat at a pizza place. At the pizza place Lenny gets an idea, he tells the Mikes that he doesn't think they checked R.J. Weather's house for long enough because they only checked the front of the house for clues. Lenny and the Mikes go back to R.J. Weather's house and look in the garbage can, there, the find multiple bottles of drugs.
Lenny and the Mikes ride home and find out that R.J. Weathers died of drug addiction
I think the theme of this story is mystery. Lenny and the Mikes are tying to solve a mystery of how and why R.J. Weathers died.
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