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Fauna and Flora in Asia

No description

Adam Galmiš

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Fauna and Flora in Asia

- the largest area in the world (Russia)
- mild zone with higer temperature than tundra

Bc. Adam Galmiš
Scientific English - Geography
Map of vegetation areas of Asia
Fauna and Flora in Asia
Polar areas
- contains islands in Arctic ocean and polar deserts
Fauna: polar bear, marine mammals (whale, seal, penguin, orca), a lot of species of arctic birds
Flora: there occures no flora
Fauna: raindeer, polar fox, arctic hare, snowy owl, musk ox,
Flora: a lot of species of moss, tundra grass, scrub
Fauna: brown and black bear, doe, deer, wolf, fox,
a lot of species of birds
Flora: coniferous forests
- grassland areas in the Central Asia (Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan,
Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, China)
- partly re-created by human into agriculture soil

Fauna: hare, fox, rodents
Flora: grass
Subtropical forests
- covers the area of southeastern China and south Japan
Flora: evergreen trees
- leaves has thick skin, water doesn´t evaporate
- smoothly passes from steppes
- located eastern from Caspian Sea, on the Arabian peninsula,
in the Central Asia between Mongolia and China
Flora: many species of shrubs, desert grass, herbs
Tropical rainforests
- most of them is found in Indonesia, Malay Peninsula
- due to constantly deforestation is area of tropical rainforests
Fauna: similar composition as in subtropical forests
Flora: evergreen trees, bamboo, mangrove trees,
- area of savannas stretches from southern Himalayas slopes to the
coast of Indian ocean (India, Nepal, Bhutan)
Fauna: insect (grasshopper, termite, beetles), mammals like
lions, water buffalo, elephant, rhinoceros, wolf, nightjar
Flora: pine trees, palm trees, acacia trees, shrubs, wild grass,
- covers area from east of the Ural mountains
- soil is permanently frozen (permafrost)
Fauna of Asia is all the animals living in Asia and its surrounding seas and islands.
Asia shows a notable diversity of habitats, with significant variations in rainfall, altitude, topography, temperature and geological history, which is reflected in its richness of animal life.
Due to large area of Asia we
divide fauna into 10
zoogeographical regions:

European–Siberian region
Mediterranean region
Middle-East deserts
Western and Central Asia
East Asia
Indian subcontinent
Sunda shelf and the Philippines
Marine fauna
Fauna: bengal tiger, civet, bat, king cobra, orangutan,
gibbon, rhinoceros, viper
Fauna: camel, sand cat, spiny-tailed lizard, arabian oryx,
sand gazelle, honey badger, hyena, jackal
civet - cibetka
coniferous - ihličnatý
constantly - neustále
deer - jeleň
doe - srna
hare - zajac
herbs - biliny
honey badger - medojed
jackal - šakal
lizzard - jašterica
mammal - cicavec
marine - morský
moss - mach/lišajník
musk ox - pižmoň
orca - kosatka
oryx - priamorožec
owl - sova
pass - prejsť
raindeer - sob
rhinoceros - nosorožec
rodents - hlodavce
scrub - krovina
seal - tuleň
shrub - ker
smoothly - plynule
spiny-tailed - ostnochvostý
whale - veľryba

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