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Farms & Ranches, and how the Industrial revolution affected

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Alexandria West

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Farms & Ranches, and how the Industrial revolution affected

And so it would seem. . .
Farms & Ranches, and how the Industrial revolution affected them.
The drive. . .
The drive was to have control over as many challenging issues as possible.
The core of the issue. . .
The true core of the desolation of farming , is human beings evolving and growing farther apart from nature. That is the sad truth. Farms also fell after business prices rose. 80% of farms fell into poverty. This problem started when the Government said that they would give land to anyone who farmed for 5 years.
In the begining. . .
Farmers originally used horses and oxen to plow the fields. Though this took a long time, it was efficient. Also, Congress promised the farmers that the government would give them 160 acres if the farmers farmed for 5 years. This all happened because of the Government passing the Homestead Act.
But then. . .
Many Easterners wanted to take this offer and so when they got to the land, the new farmers planted corn an wheat. Even some African Americans joined the land offer. The biggest group came over from the West. Then in 1879, a party of African Americans came from Kansas.
The roots of the problem. . .
The roots of the Industrial Revolution were bigger populations, better tools, and shipping prices rising. Though it may seem small, stress adds up, and BOOM! Everyones out of business, except for the people who got a hefty path that might as well be indestuctable by issues like money.
By 1900, half a million Americans had set up farms and ranches. And yet, in the end, most farmers and ranchers got the boot and their businesses failed.Finally as many settlers spread out across America, all of the promised free land started to disappearing. The final land rush ended in Oaklahoma.
The End!
This Way to the Universe of The End!
This Prezi was made by Alexandria West
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