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Al-Andalus class presentation

Wan Isyraf

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Al-Andalus

AL-ANDALUS Al-Andalus Al-Andalus Toledo Cordoba Granada Al-Andalus are the states of the Arabians in the Iberian Penisula & Septimania.Al-Andalus was later united in 756 AD by Abdurrahman Al-Dakhel.He created the Emirate of Cordoba.The Emirate of Cordoba was later replaced by the Caliphate of Cordoba and then was replaced by tawaif then
the Almoahidun dynasty and then finally back to tawiaf after that islamic spain fel to the Christian armies. Madrid Abdurrahman III Abdurrahman III was not only a Emir he
was the Caliph of the new Caliphate.The
Caliphate of Cordoba.He fought the Fatimids
in North Africa and he also fought battles the christians such as the Leon kingdom,Aragon,Navarre,and Castille.Abdurrahman made a city called Madinat al-Zahra the city is the greatest work by Abdurrahman III. Education Education just like in the Umayyad Calipahate was encouraged.Many students from Europe came to study in the Emirate of Cordoba because of the excellent teachers,scientists, and libraries.The Libraries had thousands of books translated into arabic.The libraries had different books on diffrent topics.The doctors there are very skilled and were the first to anesthethic.Many libraries exist in Cordoba such as the Al-Qantara library.Below is a picture of Al-Qantara library. Economy Al-Andalus made trading routes to increase the economy out of all the products silk was succesful.The industry was set up in Almeria because of the climate which was perfect for raising silkworms and growing mulberry which fed the silkworms.They had trading routes all around the world the trade routes traded many products such as cotton,silk,and etc Conclusion In Conclusion Al-Andalus was founded by Abdurrahman Al-Dakhel and became a prosperous land with science and art encouraged and students from Europe come to study at Al-Andalus because of the libraries,teachers, and scientist.And Al-Andalus finally falls on the year 1492 Ad to the Christians. Thank You Good Afternoon By:Wan Isyraf 5-D Barcelona Fall Of Al-Andalus 3-Great cities Toledo:first big capture of the christian armies Granada:The last taif in Al-Andalus Cordoba:Capital of the Emirate & Caliphate of Cordoba and the worlds leading cultural city of the islamic world.Cordoba is also the center of education in europe. Architect There are several notable buildings in Al-Andalus such as the Great Mosque of Cordoba and Alhambara palace or you can call it Red Fort and maybe even La Alhambara,the Hall of Abencerrages etc.Alhambara palace also called Red Fort was built for the Granada Emirs or the last Emirs.Alhambara has become a UNESCO world heritage site.Alhambara means red which gives the name Red Fort.
Al-Andalus fell and became independent states or tawaif for two main reasons one is
The Tawaif were to weak to defend themselves
The Christian armies defeated them one by one making it easier
Al-Andalus was then reunited by Emir of Morabitun
and then was taken over by Almoahidun dynasty and finally back into tawaif which was then conquered by the christians. Prezi Link:
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