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Why I deserve the iPhone 6+

No description

Meredith Smola

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Why I deserve the iPhone 6+

Why I deserve the

iPhone 6+ or just the 6,


It's essential!!!
Responsible Enough?
Are My Grades

Last week in Language Arts, I had an 87.58%,
which is a B+. And now, after acing my last
vocab quiz, 20/20 pts, I stand at a 91.23%, an
A-. Plus after I turn in my extension reading
extra credit sheet, I should be at a solid 93%
at LEAST, which is an A! I wish to keep this up
as the year progresses :)

In History, I was at an 84.9%. But, just today, I
received back my essay I turned in a couple
weeks ago, and scored 100% on it, 25/25 pts!
I also received 8 extra credit points on a 2nd
assignment, scoring a 33/25 pts on that, resulting
in a 132%! I will also be doing a project this
weekend for History, so I can scrounge up another
70 pts. to be added to my grade! Since there's no school this Friday, I can start my project then!
this presentation, has intriguing
statistics, and persuasive information that should have you considering purchasing the Iphone 6+ for me, for the upcoming
In Algebra, I had an 82.44%, but a few days ago, I got my skillbuilder back, and received 16/16 pts. on it! That got my grade up to an 84.16%! I am aiming for a 100% on this weeks skillbuilder as well! Plus I did the extra credit problem of the week, which earned me 5 extra pts. to be added to my grade! The extra credit and skillbuilder combined, should bump me up to an A- by Monday, because Mr. Dykema inputs grades on Sunday. I am also studying extremely hard for a quiz coming up in Algebra, and am going in for lunch every day for help! Mr. Dykema says I should be fine!
As far as Science and Spanish go, I'm not having any trouble in either
of those subjects. They're my 2 best subjects and I have A's in both of
them! 93.22% in Science, and 95.67% in Spanish! I have a current event
summary due in Science on Thursday, which I have already done! It
has to be 5-8 sentences, but of course, me going above and beyond
as usual, I wrote 11 sentences! Mrs. Largen said she encourages her
students to write more, but 5-8 is just a bare minimum! Once I turn
that in Thursday and get 100%, I should bump my grade up from a 93%
to a 95%! And in Spanish, I have a presentation tomorrow that I'm
prepared for with notecards, props, etc. and I know I will ace that, which will bring my Spanish grade from a 95% to a 98%! As you can see, I have
everything planned out for my grades, and have been working very hard for straight, solid A's! And I know I can get there :)
As you know, I lost my phone and my iPod a month
ago, and have literally turned the house upside
down searching for them! And since I turned my phone off, I can't call it and listen for the ring, and I can't call my iPod because it's AN IPOD, so you can't call on it! No problem with the iPhone 6+! The iPhone 6+ comes with a built-in tracking system, pin-pointing it's exact
location, everywhere it goes! It doesn't even
matter if it's off, or has a dead battery! With just
the click of a button I can easily track it's
exact location from my computer, your iPad, your
phone, Joel's phone... or any other electronic
device! And besides, I'm human! I lose my things all the time!
And you do too! So don't expect me to know where my
iPhone is every second of every minute of every day!
Which, I mean, it's the brand new IPHONE 6+! So most likely I WILL have it on me every second of every minute of every day! Well, not at school of course, but you get what I mean. Since I will be paying for half my iPhone, I will never drop it ever because I can't risk the chance of ruining the most valuable electronic you could ever imagine! And the Otterbox case, like I was telling you earlier, is the most reliable case in the history of cases, and is very thick, heavy, and is once again,
made of silicone, rubber, and has a water proof, and shock absorbent outer shell, and I will purchase
one myself to protect my precious iPhone, which is literally solid gold to me.

Don't worry about the money! It's $299 for the
iPhone itself, which comes with a lightning USB Cable, Apple Earbuds with remote and mic, 5W USB
power adapter, and the iPhone itself, in my choice of gold, silver, or dark gray. After
2 years of having my iPhone, it will come to a grand
total of $749! But, that's for the ipHone 6+. I have done immense research, and the iPhone 6+ is so big, it's almost the size of an ipad mini, and I wouldn't like a phone that huge. So, I was thinking the iphone 6 instead. It's $100 less, and the only difference, is it's smaller than the 6+, which I would prefer. It is made of the same material I explained earlier, and has the same quality too. And why would you want to pay $200 for my iPod, like you did, plus monthly payments on my phone, which is lost, when you can just pay for ONE, and make it that much easier! Plus, I can't even find my phone, which means I am constantly having
to ask to borrow somebody's phone to call you and ask when are you picking me up, or what time does this start, or I'm lost help, etc. etc. It's a real drag. Plus, Joel is selling my iPod on ebay, for $225, and if I find my phone hopefully, he will sell that too for about $75. There's $300 right there. Plus he already sold my old DSI on ebay for $30, and the money should be shipping in soon. I get to keep $20 of that $30, so there's $320 right there. I guarantee by Christmas, I will have at least $300, if not more, to help chip in for my iPhone 6, which I absolutely positively MUST HAVE. And may I remind you, I already have, $35 cash! About $18 from the garage sale Emilie and I did a while back, and the rest left over from my birthday. Plus, I already have a babysitting job for this 10-year-old girl named Kaya, for 3 hours! I charge 5 dollars per hour, so that's $15 right there! I'm just racking up so much money! That would put me at... let's see, about $370 total. Boom. And if I can't find my phone to sell on ebay, oh well, that's minus
$75 I could have got, which would put me at $295... still a ton of money for a 13-year-old let's be honest! Speaking of 13, I'm 13! I'm officially a TEENAGER! I'm more mature, and responsible, and careful with my belongings, and promise to be the same with my iPhone 6! You already know the 6+ is $749 for 2 years of owning it, and the 6, is $100 less, so only $649 for 2 years! Plus like I said I will be paying for about half of that, which I'd say is pretty generous, because most of friends don't pay a penny for their iPhone, and they've had one since 5th grade! Even the girl I'm babysitting has one!

The iPhone 6 and 6+ has an anti-glare screen,
is made with a built in thin tempered
glass protector, and is constructed
entirely from anodized aluminum. So if
I happen to drop it, which I would NEVER
because may I remind you, it is the one,
the only, iPhone 6+, there is a .3% chance
it will crack! There are several videos on Youtube, that show drop tests with the iPhone 6 and 6+, where people will drop them face down on concrete, with no case, and no dents, cracks, or blemishes of any kind will appear! I have a dropped my iPod several times, back when I was a 12-year-old little child, and it is in perfect mint condition still. And that was just an iPod. The iPhone 6+ has much higher quality material, plus I will buy a rubber-foam protective otter box case, the most effective and efficient case there is, AND, will always keep my iPhone in a sealed area, such a purse.

A quote from the Apple (iPhone creators) website states, "iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger, it’s better in every way. Larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD display, it’s one continuous form where hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of iPhone that’s better by any measure."

in conclusion.....
That is why I believe the iPhone 6 would be a fantastic way
to spread some Christmas cheer into this holiday, and although you already bought me Uggs, last year you bought me Uggs for Christmas too! Along with like 80 other presents! But all I ask for, is ONE. One other present, not including the Uggs you bought me, and that is, the one, the only, IPHONE 6. Thank you <3 :)
Do you really want me going to football games with friends at night,
staying after school and walking to subway, and going to the movies alone with Nick, without a phone! That's horrible! I remember the last football game I went to, Scott and I were supposed to meet dad at like 9:30 to get picked up. But I couldn't find Scott. So I had to ask like 3 girls to use their iPhones to call Scott, remembering that, oh wait, HE doesn't have his phone on him! So I used this one dudes iPhone to call DAD, and dad said he had been waiting in the parking lot for 10 minutes, but I couldn't find his car... or Scott! As you can see, lack of communication is very time consuming and frustrating and of course, dangerous too! And when I was at the movies the other day with Emilie Bird and Emilie F, Emilie B texted her mom saying when the movie got done, so it was ok for her to come pick us up. I couldn't have done that because I don't have a phone since I lost it! And why waste your money on ANOTHER slide phone, when the iPhone is so much better quality, plus it's big, durable, I can search the web and text my friends in the car, even when there's no wifi, ETC. ETC. I think I absolutely deserve it, and am hoping you think so too!
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