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English Bulldogs

No description

Victory Stewart

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs
in 1 litter there are usaly 4-6 puppies in this exsample there are 6 puppies
how many puppies do you see
English Bulldog puppies get something called a cherry eye this is extra tissue on there eye when this happens you need to take them to the vet the vet gives them anastisa and folds the extra tissue under the skin
Cherry eyes
when they are puppies you need to take them on short walks so when they are older you can take them on longer walks to give them extersise
walk them you must
By Victory Stewart
Fun facts
They originated in the British Iles

AKC facts
on AKC [Amarican kennel club ] standerds they need to have a black nose to compeat
also on AKC standerds they need to have floppy ears
The British Iles[Where they originated]
For AKC they should weigh between 40-50 pounds
They need to on each row of teath [top and bottom] have 6 teath inside there k9 teath
they have lots of wrinkles as shown on both pictures due to lots of loose skin
Fun facts
Also they have a medium sized body
and they have short legs
they where originally fighting dogs
they like to sit and
be peted more than
run around
they cant run much sence they have small lungs and small nostrills
They dont do well in heat
They need to be in a air condisind area
when they have puppies they need to have human surgery
The End
there theath should be in a straight line
And yes I am obsessed to English Bulldogs
Now every one go out the front door outside
There is a surprise
Yes I am Obsessed with English Bulldogs
So get
You will see my puppies
I think the most interesting fact is
That when they have puppies they must have human surgery
scene there heads are really big
Because there heads are so big they might get
Why else ?
Also they are very valuable
you cant risk losing 1 or 2 of them
That is why
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