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Why the Nazi's failed to invade Britain WWII...

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anya kamineni

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Why the Nazi's failed to invade Britain WWII...

It would have been suicidal to launch an invasion fleet without total control of the British Channel;so no defeat. And because Great Britain remained in the war, when Hitler turned against the Soviet Union (USSR) he doomed Germany.

didn’t move well on water

Battle of Britain
To conclude, the Nazi's failed to invade Britain due to the lack of preparation and power at the time (e.g. underestimating british navy, no air superiority, being outnumbered, building the wrong equipment ) this meant that they weren't able to execute a successful invasion in Britain .

For Germany to invade Britain , they had to first gain power of the skies; so that the RAF didn't just bomb the german boats to smithereens. But since the germans failed to (win the battle of Britain) take air superiority, they couldn't launch there sea battle, therefore the whole naval invasion was a waste since without the RAF taken down the british always had the ultimate advantage therefore dooming the Nazi's invasion.

Why did the Nazis failed to invade Britain during WWII...
What was The Battle of Britain ?
Not a single battle
The fight between the RAF and THE luftwaffe over control of the skies
Fought over many months.
Some say it ended on the 17 September 1940
others claim it ended on the 31st October - since there was still fighting over britain afterwards.
Why did Britain win the Battle of Britain?
10 July- 7 August
- Luftwaffe attack RAF radar stations
8 August - 6 September

- Luftwaffe attack RAF airfields.
7 - 15 September
- the Luftwaffe attack London
15 September
( The Battle of Britain day)
- Luftwaffe defeated.
17 September
Hitler called off "Operation Sealion" .
Radar systems -1935
Protected by the

English Channel





planes for every


Didn’t build the right
Didn’t make the right type of

Germany's navy

was totally unable to cope with the British navy-

unable to neutralize

the Royal Navy long enough for an invasion to be carried out

were able to

Why did Germany fail to invade during WW2...
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