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Street Children

No description

Kennedy Rush

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Street Children

Street Children
By: Brian, Liz, Annie, Maggie, and Kennedy What? Where? A street child is a homeless child, especially one forsaken or orphaned ~Worldwide ~100-150 million Why? Abuse Poverty Neglect Loss of a Parent Physical Emotional Sexual -runaways, forced out, or orphaned Latin America -Most come from single family homes -Extreme brutality from police -Murder rates have tripled -97% in Peru do drugs -99% have an STD in Honduras Asia Africa So what? USA What Can We Do? A Day in The Life of A Street Child Did You Know? India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam Europe -Public Nuisance -Most of them are orphans -Shot while attempting to flee from police ~ most are harmless -95% in Nigeria were abandoned for being witches 32% below poverty line in India -93% of girls in Rwanda have been raped -donate! -raise awareness -adopt -82% in Egypt were abused at home or at work -if you know someone who is on the street, get them help -volunteer -13 kids die a day -1 out of every 45 children is homeless -33% increase since 2007 -Suffer constant abuse -Many homeless shelters to keep kids safe -Increasing population from rape and teen pregnancy Drug Abuse -Most become addicted to inhalants ~glue, aerosols, etc. Video: -In some places it is illegal to feed street children -Get high to make pain from hunger and cold more bearable Breaking it Down http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sponsored/lifestyle/international-street-children/8437966/International-Day-for-Street-Children-video.html 2 mil 1.9 mil 30 mil 30 mil 60 mil >1.5 mil -Killing squads are hired to eliminate street children -You will find street children in almost every European city -Prostitution, trafficking, crime, drugs, gang violence,
even police violence - all of these are real risks -More boys than girls because girls are more useful at home -Average life expectancy on the street is 4 years -Steal, sell their bodies, sing, and beg for money -Recently with a large amount of dug use and sex trade, there has been an HIV epidemic -Destorys nervous systems and often results in death -There are no reliable estimates of the number of children living on the streets -1 million kids enter the sex trade every year -Every 2 seconds a child is orphaned -Child porngraphy is a $20 billion industry -10 million children are prostitutes; 90% are girls BY THE NUMBERS In Ukraine 300,00 children are outside the school system and no one knows where they are 100,00 young people run away in the UK each year 10,000-16,00 working street children in St. Petersburg, Russia In Romania there are 5,000 street children 2,500 street children in Georgia -50-70% of the total number of street children are under 13 -Working street children under 18 involved in prostitution account for 20% -77.9% are involved in labour which is dangerous to their health -42% of the children were sexually abused between the ages of 6 and 12 the end Storytime with Maggie Discussion Questions Do you think we as citizens are obligated to help these street children? Should we care what goes on with these children in other countries? Aren't there more important things to worry about? Besides giving money, how else could one help this cause? If we focus on preventing abuse in homes, would that have an impact on the number of street children?
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