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Does the Flex of a Hockey Stick Affect Shot Power and Accura

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Bill Crowley

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Does the Flex of a Hockey Stick Affect Shot Power and Accura

Does the Flex of a Hockey Stick Affect Shot Power and Accuracy?
My data proved my hypothesis correct and incorrect. The stick with 65 flex had the most accuracy, but the least shot power. The stick with 87 flex had the second most power, and the second most accuracy. The stick with 75 flex had the most power,but the least accuracy. Which means my goal was met. Next time I would run more trials to ensure my hypothesis was correct.
My project was to see if the flex of a hockey stick affects the shot power and accuracy. My hypothesis was that the stick with the least flex will have the highest accuracy, and the stick with the highest flex will have the fastest shot. The stick with the flex in between the others will have good shot accuracy and power.
Does the Flex of a Hockey Stick Affect a Stick's Shot Speed and Accuracy?
by : Billy Crowley
Every hockey stick has flex. Flex is the measure of how much force it takes for the shaft of a stick to bend one inch. The more flex a stick has the more force is needed for a stick to flex. Flex depends on preference. Flex is usually about half your body weight, but not all the time.
Average Shot Power
Average Shot Accuracy
To get data you have to collect data. I had a radar gun, three different hockey sticks, a hockey net, pucks, and plexi glass. I also had a friend record my data and use the radar gun. If the puck heat the back cross bar or the cross bar, and went down into the net, it was considered accuracy, I was aiming there. After each shot my friend would record my speed and write down if it was accurate.
The data that is most important is the 65 flex shot's accuracy and the 75 flex's shot speed. These show you the higher the flex the more speed, and the less the flex the more the power. Also, surprisingly the 87 flex's shot power.
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