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Copy of Nursing Leadership 1

No description

Pauline Jones

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Nursing Leadership 1

NURSING LEADERSHIP What makes a good leader? good under pressure effective communicators positive clinical role models clinically knowledgeable and competent ability to influence others decision-makers What is nursing leadership? Types of leadership Democratic leadership Autocratic leadership Laissez-fair leadership RN retains overall responsibility and accountability for patient's care

nurses provide holistic care to each individual patient

promotes and provides patient and their family with education related to their health

works collaboratively with multi-disciplinary team and other members to co-ordinate clinical care

advocating patient's needs and concerns. Transformational leadership leader dictates orders, makes all the decisions, members are not encouraged to participate also known as 'participative leadership'
leader encourages members to share ideas and opinions
policies set through group decision driven leader sets common goal without delegating anybody, and the members find a way to achieve success the leader uses different leadership style depending on the clinical situation leaders influence others towards success


nurses need a strong leadership background to deliver the quality of care. Leadership in patient care (huluDotCom, 2008) Discussion:
What qualities did you discover in the video that represented a bad leader?
What qualities represented a good leader? Role play:
a patient has a heart attack
the RN takes charge and delegates other nurses to perform CPR

Why was this type of leadership effective in this situation? Role play:
RN tells student nurse to perform a wound dressing on a patient
the student nurse is unsure if their technique is correct so they ask the RN to supervise
RN encourages and praises the nurse

Why was this type of leadership effective in this situation? Role play:
NUM gives the morning staff a brief handover and tasks for the day

Why was this type of leadership effective in this situation? Role play: fire evacuation

Why was this type of leadership effective in this situation? (Youtube, pomie123456, 2011) (Youtube, N0ramaru, 2012) (Youtube, techofestv, 2012) Tomey. A. N., 2000, Nursing Management and Leadership, Theories of Leadership, Chapter 7, pp. 157-160.

Moloney. M. M., 1985, Leadership in Nursing, Application of Leadership, Chapter 5, pp. 85-91.

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