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Vagrant with Ansible

virtual machine manager with provisioning tool

Peter Szatmary

on 13 February 2016

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Transcript of Vagrant with Ansible

with Ansible
Peter Szatmary
With Vagrant
What is Vagrant
software for creating and configuring virtual machines
install vagrant software
install one of virtualization software (Virtualbox)
write vagrant file (great reproducibility and distribution capabilies)
type vagrant up
Official site says : Vagrant create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments.
written in Ruby, started in 2010.
first just for VirtualBox, now also for a VMware, KVM and Linux Containers (LXC).
can be used with configuration management soft. such as
Latest stable version is 1.8.1
open source
Since version 1.6 native Docker containers support
Supported OS
: Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Windows.
Before Vagrant
creating, reproducing and configuring virtual machines was time consuming and was done with manual work
Before Vagrant
install virtualization software
create virtual machine
install it
than configure and install in vm everything what you need
screenshots, sharing big vm images.
What and where
you can find codes for this presentation on
How Vagrant works :
Thank you !
time for your questions ...
or contact me
What you get
without Ansible

many OS dependent scripts
But your great automatization needs something more than just Vagrant
Hello Ansible
automate apps and IT infrastructure. Application Deployment, Configuration Management,Continuous Delivery.
writen in Python, ( 2012 ),
: Chef, Puppet, Salt.

ansible galaxy (for reusing)
provisioning tool
with Ansible

more or less independent from OS
You can provision
: OS X, Windows, Linux, BSD, Cloud and big data integration exists also.
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