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Presentation about tuberculosis

Valerie J

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Tuberculosis

Double click anywhere & add an idea Tuberculosis is an airborne infection caused by the
bacteria mycobacterium tuberculosis that can be fatal if not treated. What is tuberculosis?
How is it spread? Types of Tuberculosis Latent Tuberculosis Exposure to bacteria without symptoms Primary Tuberculosis Generally restricted to the lungs Reactive Tuberculosis When latent tuberculosiss turns
into active tuberculosis. Concept of Tuberculosis Tuberculosis! Risk Factors for Tuberculosis How many people are infected
with tuberculosis? 1.6 billion people worldwide Over 8 million people get infected
worldwide each year How many people die from tuberculosis? 2-3 million people die each year If each person with active tuberculosis
doesn't get treated, on average, they
will infect 10-15 people each year. Who is at risk? Homeless Those living in crowded
living conditions Recent immigrants Minorities Alcoholics Drug users Diabetics Cancer patients AIDS patients People in nursing homes Symptoms of tuberculosis Latent tuberculosis No symptoms Primary tuberculosis Fever Chest pain Fatigue Cough Bone pains Reactivation tuberculosis Cough Weight loss Fatigue Fever Night Sweats
Shortness of breath Chest pain Coughing up blood Complications of tuberculosis Collapse of infected lungs Collapse of bronchiectasis Destruction of lung Infection of bones Inflammation of the lining of the brain Inflammation of the lining of the heart Infection of kidneys and bladder Spread of infection in blood Death Diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis Latent tuberculosis can be diagnosed by a docter placing an inactive protein under the skin with a needle. In 48-72 hours the test is read. A positive test will have a large amount of redness and swelling at the injection site. Active tuberculosis can be diagnosed with a chest x-ray and sputum culture. Treatment usually involves 1-4 medications for 6-9 months of duration. Review Tuberculosis is an infection caused by a bacteria It is airborne It is very common It needs to be treated!! Any questions?
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