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Solotravelbali DEF

No description


on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Solotravelbali DEF

Significant rise of people who live alone
Significant rise of solo travellers
More and more travel agencies offer holidays
for single people; mostly in groups.
Why not implement
the Tiny House trend into a
Business concept

for people who travel alone?

As the average age of solo travellers is getting higher, most people prefer the word 'solo' instead of 'single'.
There is a growing part that doesn't want to make a booking in groups.
The exclusive Tiny House Holiday experience for solo travellers
Pramana proudly presents
a brand new holiday experience
The rise of one-person households worldwide since 1960.








Travel trends 2016:







This holiday concept is inspired by 2 newsfacts:

1. The increase of one-person households
2. The Tiny House movement trend
As a single Western business woman, I've been travelling al over the world.
I noticed the difficulty to find accommodations witch offered me privacy and where I could meet other solo travellers, other than in hostels. Besides that I (and many other solo travellers) can afford and appreciate a bit more luxury as well.

'It's my believe that the Pramana Experience group, with its great hospitality; values, vision and mission, would be the perfect host and business partner for this innovative concept. It is a distinctive label for a significant growing target audience, witch is not yet being offered in the world yet. Together with the existing Pramana resorts, hotels and villa's it would be in my opinion an interesting supplement for increasing the hospitality market share on Bali.'

'It would be my pleasure to get in contact and talk about developing this brand new travel experience with you!'

Rina Ruiter - The Netherlands
Expert in developing businesses and coaching businesspeople
Sincere in every action - Genuine in every idea - Grateful in every achievements
Rina Ruiter (1967)
8932 GR Leeuwarden - The Netherlands

Phone: 0031 6 83605339
Skype: rina.ruiter
Twitter: @RinaRuiter
Linkedin: Rina Ruiter

* Winner JOP Business Award 2003
*Expert in developing businesses and coaching businesspeople
My Motivation
Created by: Rina Ruiter
The Netherlands
The Inspiration
The concept
Solo travel
'Tiny House' Google search: 49.400.000 results.
Thank you for your attention!

More than half the population In North America is single.
In Stockholm, Sweden, sixty percent of the people live by themselves.
The Cruise Industry continues to increase solo cabins Airbnb noticed in 2017
170% increase in solo bookings since 2016
Every month at least one new company makes the commitment to solo travelers and advertises on the Solo Travel Advisory of Deals
Looking at Google Search trends, the number of searches for the term “solo travel” and “travel alone” hit a peak in the first week of January this year at about 25% higher than the same week year and its highest ever.

The biggest grow of single people will be in China.

50% of the Dutch population will be single.

The exclusive Tiny House Holiday
experience for solo travellers

And my visits to Bali
in 2011 & 2016
www.solotravelbali.com www.solotravelindonesia.com
The solo traveler
Percent One-Person Households
The Tiny House movement
Sustainable living
They no longer want to waste their money on material stuff. Instead; they prefer a sustainable living.

Enjoying life, investing in human contacts and (travel) experiences are getting more important.
While the riches of the earth are getting richer, an ever-increasing group of people is conscious of living in a 'tiny house' instead of a 'normal house'.
Tiny Houses all over the world
The idea
Tiny House holiday concept for solo travellers
Tiny (solo) holiday houses in a small community/resort designed in a typical Balinese style, sustainable build and in complete harmony with nature
Booked by smartphone
For members only
With (international) social communication possibilities: the 'Solotravelbali' App
The members are ambassadors: on Facebook, Instagram etc.

6 resorts in different areas of Bali: with its own unique atmosphere and the genuine Balinese hospitality.
Members can book a complete Bali arrangement with the total amount of nights and can stay at different locations.
They can stay as long as they want at one location (if there is space) and move to another location to see the rest of Bali.
Check in can be easily done by the app.
On the app they can stay in contact with other members (guests) on other locations.
Additional: locations at Gili, Java, Sumatra and Lombok
What do SOLO travellers want ?
To feel save
To feel free
To have privacy
To be able to meet other solo travellers (instead of family's or romantic couples)
To have some comfort
To have possibilities to travel and gain experiences
To be able to contact their homebase
Supplies and services
in the Tiny House holiday concept
A single bed
Shower, toilet
Coffee, tea, water supplies
Free wifi
Bedding, towels
Porch, hammock, lazy chair
The resort provides:
Common, relax (meeting) space
Breakfast, dinner
Cleaning, laundry service
Pool or beach nearby
Cab, driver
Each location will have it's own unique atmosphere
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