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WhyReef for ASIH


Beth Sanzenbacher

on 8 July 2011

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Transcript of WhyReef for ASIH

Educational Focused Established Mertics Activites Outcomes 20% of Whyvillians visit WhyReef daily Impact Virtual Worlds & Games for Outreach Count, ID, Record Play Experiment Observe & Discuss Conservation Action Over 150,o00 unique users have played WhyReef Over 2.6 million species have been counted Learning Goals Science Content Science as a Process What we learned Science as a Career Stewardship for natural world Behavior & Rarity User 478: I ONLY NEED THE EEL
User 905: I've got everything on my other accnt.
User 478: i see what can u tell me about the eel? v
User 905: He comes out, and goes back in.
User 478: where does he come out?
User 905: He comes out one for a little while, then sinks back in.
User 905: Either heree... >_>
User 905: Or here... >_> Chat during game play Questions in BBS Question:What do you notice about the categories of animals? Why do you think there are so many species in some categories (Fish, for example) and so few in another category (like Reptiles)?
-- If you noticed there are more invertibrates than fish, or mammles, and even plants.... I think its very interesting that this would be so in A coral reef... However I'm still studing.. Simulation: Coral Bleaching Question: Why do you think the Green Humphead Parrotfish population decreases?
--To put simply, their food source dwindled. (parrotfish eat coral)
--I think it's because the parrotfish eat the coral.
--Easy. Listen up. They eat the coral. Thts y they have beaks.... Analysis of Results Question in Reef Simulator BBS Thank You Whyville from sealife24
All the Reef Activities: Although I already knew a lot on the subjects, the reef activities on Whyville and talking to Mark have helped me to learn more about a marine biologist's work, and has helped me to continue my quest to become a Marine Biologist. After learning more about the job, I want to become one more than before! Experts Whyville Times Article Save the Reef Overfishing Totals
709 surveys & management plans completed
399 "Face Parts" Designed
37 Articles written for the Whyville Times - use of data to agrue reef is unhealthy and action must be taken
Over 2 million clams donated! CaseyLz: Who likes being sick?-Not me! Except missing school, sometimes. But, reefs like to see school of fishes swarming around having fun! We need to educate the people of Whyville, so they'll educate the people of the WORLD.

Sugar57: Okay, SO I put alot of effort into saving this reef on behalf of myself. I made signs I donated and even went around spreading the word about saving the reef.... I just think its important to be involved. Once you know how great it feels to be involved with something I think you will feel motivated to actually get out there and help out in the real world. Save the Reef BBS Virtual Worlds & Gaming Civic Action Design Collections & Research Science & Conservation Digital Learning Broadcast Experimental You are a hot commodity
You don’t have to do it all
Be flexible, but stay true to your science
Don’t reinvent the wheel
Choose your medium wisely and know its limits
Providing a personalized experience is always time-consuming
Traditional evaluation won’t work
Publish and help build the field of digital learning Getting Started Games, Learning, and Society
Digital Media and Learning
GamesFor Change
Cyberlearning for STEM Important conferences Finding collaborators DMLcentral.net
SLED list Funding opportunities Communicating Research supplements
Transforming STEM Learning
Informal Science Education
Dept of Education Federal: MacArthur: Digital Media & Learning
Hewlett: Open Ed, Deeper Learning
Pearson: Youth Engagement
AmericanHonda: Youth Education Foundations: Publications IJLM - International Jounral of Learning and Media
IJGCMS - International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations Beth Sanzenbacher: bsanzenbacher@fieldmuseum.org
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