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Act I: Variations of Iago

No description

Mark Gardner

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Act I: Variations of Iago

spoilers ahead
Quickly review the three passages you are provided on the handout.
1. Annotate by underlining key phrases you remember from yesterday's discussion...
jot in the margins what those lines mean.

2. From memory, write a brief sentence explaining the context of each passage
as well as
the key ideas from the passage.
What does an actor add to the text?
Subtle nuances of performance
Facial expression
Voice control
Physical expression
eye contact or aversion
forehead control
tension versus slack
authenticity vs. "assuming a visage"
chest, shoulders and head
movement (rate and energy)
rate and pauses
volume or projection
intonation and inflection
intensity or softness
"I hate the moor."
Take note of
specific nonverbal moves these actors make to interpret this same passage from the text... in particular, Iago's revelatory line.
...identify how different interpretations of a text influence the nuances of meaning an audience interprets.
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