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Case Study 5

No description

Jenna Berlin

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Case Study 5

Suppose that GearUp decides to use a NoSQL solution, but a battle emerges among the employees in the IT dept. One faction wants to use Cassandra, but another faction wants to use a different NoSQL data store, named MongoDB. Assume you are Kelly, and Lucas asks for your opinion about how he would proceed. How do you respond?
Based on Cassandra's reputation along with its proven success , we believe that the using the Cassandra data storage would be the best option. As mentioned before, we find that due to its adaptability and elasticity, it provides the best option for the task. However, it is only after reviewing technical, economical and organizational advantages and disadvantages can GearUp make an educated decision.
Given what you know about GearUP, should it use a relational DBMS, such as Oracle Database or MySQL, or should it use Cassandra
Amazon is responsible for thousands of wish lists
Computer failure is inevitable
A backup is important

Clearly, Dynamo, Bigtable, and Cassandra are critical technology to the companies that create them. Why did they allow their employees to publish academic papers about them? Why did they not keep them proprietary secrets?
These companies created these programs to solve a real business problem, without intent of using it in their business strategy.
They figured other companies were doing the same, so it wouldn't make them lose their competitive advantage.
Question 2:
What do you think this movement means to the existing DBMS vendors? How serious is the NoSQL threat and why? What response by existing DBMS vendors would be sensible?

Existing DBMS vendors will have more competition and won’t have the ability to compete in the database server market.
NoSQL are nonrelational databases, and these are databases that are not created by software companies, but rather by business for their own purposes: like Dynamo, Bigtable, and Cassandra.
These databases are a threat to existing DBMS vendors because they offer a better and cheaper service. Existing DBMS vendors would have to increase their programs flexibility, durability, and elasticity to be able to offer something more with their servers, so that would be able to compete with other open source codes that are available.
Is it a waste of your time to learn about the relational model and Microsoft Access? Why or why not?
Learning about the relational model is still important and knowing how to use Access is still beneficial.

Not all companies have the access, means, or knowledge to create or develop their own software.

Not all companies need the services that NoSQL data stores provide.

Individuals or smaller businesses will not need to transition to NoSQL data stores.

it is Important to be educated on all of the possible software that is available.
Apollo fell in love with Cassandra due to her beauty, and granted the ability to see the future. Cassandra did love Apollo and in retaliation he cursed her so that no one would believe her prophecies.
Greek Mythology
Open Source Code
In 2008, Facebook gave source code to open source community
Anyone in community has access to source code
Opportunity for collaboration
Better Advancements
Gave companies without necessary finances or skilled technical personnel to develop their own product access to the code and gave them the ability to develop further with less financial burden.
2,500 times faster than MySQL for write operations

23 times faster than MySQL for read operations
Nonrelational Data store
Dynamo's storage capabilities
Bigtable's rich data model
Fault tolerant
Clients select level of consistency needed

• Created by Amazon.com engineers as a data storage
system that would reliably process large amounts of data.

• Dynamo has the capability to process this data on
tens of thousands of servers, which fixes the previous
problem with customers saving their Wish Lists.

• Sells the Dynamo product to other retail companies
through its S3 Web Services product.

Data source for petabytes of data
Richer Data Model --> store greater variety of data Structures
Current relational DBMS products were not meant for large, multi server systems.
Large amount data
Tens of thousands of servers
Had high volumes of traffic
In conclusion:
relational DBMS products did not meet requirements
Dynamo and Bigtable were a step in the right direction
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5
Databases are crucial parts of operations
small staff
Ocacle Database
Offers the ability to use a centralized management system
standardization and consistency so that any fluent technician is able to fix any problems that occur
Incompatible with many other software programs
Complex and difficult to decode
Functions of the program are limited
Occupies very less disk space
Can be easily installed in all major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX.
Though MySQL is open source, it offers most of the features provided by Oracle and other leading databases
Cest suited for small and medium applications
Does not support a very large database size as efficiently
Transactions are not handled very efficiently

Elastic and fault-tolerant
Selective levels of consistency
2500x faster than MySQL for write operations
23 times faster for read operations

Replication settings are done on a node level with configuration files
Questions for Us?
Amazon: Dynamo

Google: Big Table

Facebook: Cassandra
Each was a response to the needs of the technological society. Cassandra's adaptabaliluty across many major tech companies shows the versatility it has a database store.
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