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EP Recruitment Training

LC Retreat Spring 2013


on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of EP Recruitment Training

EP Recruitment!! Talking to friends and classmates about AIESEC
Class Raps How can you help recruit EPs? Facts to remember... AIESEC is currently present in 113 different countries and territories
Our database currently has over 10,000 internship opportunities that is constantly being updated
Program details and costs!! Why does word of mouth matter? On average, each person has...
11-12 close personal contacts
150 social contacts
500-1,500 weak ties
In a group of 50 people, there are 2,475 connections Program
Details Global Community Development Program (GCDP): Short-term (6-12 weeks), unpaid volunteer or teaching projects; usually with free accommodation in home stay or apartment
These are our main focus this year because it's easiest to match GCDPs! Global Internship Program (GIP): Long term (6months-1year), paid business or technology internships; accommodation is NOT covered
Highly competitive
Easier to match business internships, but very difficult to find good quality Go Technology TNs Costs Application Fee: $150
This fee is non-refundable and lasts one calendar year
Match Fees:
GCDP: $350
GIP: $600
This fee is only charged when the match becomes official with an AN.
It's non-refundable except in special cases FAQs How are AIESEC internships different than GW study abroad programs?
Does AIESEC provide any form of insurance?
If I go on a TN, will I have time to travel?
Can I go to Paris for 6 weeks for a marketing internship? Other things to keep in mind... Partner countries!!
These are the easiest matches- if you can convince a friend to look into a partner country, they'll have a much easier time finding a TN
China: Go Teach
If a friend is interested in AIESEC, you can show them the database and have them look for TNs before even applying Class
Raps If you're comfortable talking to crowds, these can be very effective in getting more students interested in AIESEC
Keep class raps short and to the point
Bring palm cards to give out for more details
ALWAYS email professors with a description of AIESEC and our product Tips!! Things to improve: Transparency
Stay in touch!! Things to avoid: Overselling
Narrow focus
No story Under-promising (but over-deliver) Practice!!
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