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The Car By:Gary Paulsen

No description

andres cabrera

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of The Car By:Gary Paulsen

The Car By:Gary Paulsen
About the book
900 lexile level
The Car takes place in Cleveland,Ohio through Deadwood,South Dakota
Terry: The Main Character,one who builds his so called kit car "Cat"
In the exposition

the author presents you to Terry and his situation while his parents abondoned him.
Terry Anders is a fourteen-year-old boy who lives in Cleveland, Ohio. When both of his parents abandon him, he decides to go on a cross country adventure to find an uncle that he vaguely remembers after assembling his father's abandoned Blakely Bearcat kit car project. Along the way, he befriends two Vietnam vets Waylon and Wayne whom with he enjoys life on the open road. This book is about their adventure together and where they go.
The genre of the book "The Car" is young adult fiction
The Car was published on March,30 1994
Waylon Jackson: A vietnam veteran,and also a hitchhiker
Wayne: Mechanic comes in the middle of the story ( also a vietnam war veteran, was in war with Waylon)
The Theme of this book is one must learn to survive no matter what are the circumstances.
In the rising action
Terry finishes his kit car and the author presents you to Waylon,Terry's "life companion".
In the climax
Terry,Waylon,and Wayne go "Trucking" and meet an elder named Samuel and end up learning alot from him.(Author also presents the reader to Wayne one of Waylon's friends)
The starting point
Next Destination
Sioux City,Iowa
Third Destination
Fourth Destination
Deadwood,South Dakota
Gary Paulsen is one of America's most popular writers for young people, with three Newbery Honor books to his credit. His young debut Harcourt Brace in 1993 featured the bilingual novella Sisters/Hermanas and Harris and me , a hilarious portrait of a boyhood summer on a farm. His adult books for Harcourt Brace include Clabbered Dirt, Sweet Grass (1992), Eastern Sun, Winter Moon(1993), The Maddona Series (1993), and Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running Iditarod(1994). Gary Paulsen lives with his wife, painter Ruth Wright Paulsen, on a ranch in New Mexico.
About The Author
In the falling action
Terry,Waylon,and Wayne go "Trucking" to Deadwood,South Dakota to play poker.
In the resolution
Waylon,andWayne get in a fight with mad cowboys on the side of the road.(the cowboys made a scene at a diner.(Terry just goes on with his life in his Blakely Bearcat).
The "Cat" and the "Babe"
( The "Babe" belongs to Wayne).
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