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E-Commerce Friendly Product Data


David Shultz

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of E-Commerce Friendly Product Data

E-Commerce Friendly Product Data
Increasing Sales through Search
Catalog Marketing vs E-Commerce Marketing
Remember: Audience & Searchability
Similar to catalog marketing, your e-commerce marketing copy needs to be written for both distributor and end-user audiences, using both industry and laymen terms for your products. However, unlike catalog copy, your product image is being used to support the copy instead of the copy supporting the image.
New Search
Industry's First Intelligent Search
With guided navigation and the power of Amazon Web Services behind our new search, we are rolling out this exciting feature throughout the year to all websites. Now available within the DistributorCentral dashboard!
Levering Product Data
Power the industry from one location
With DistributorCentral being an open-source database, 10 of 12 industry service providers use our product data. Use it to power your website. Also, share it with your distributor partners that are configuring custom websites and ordering platforms.
Additional Features to Help
Other than serach, what can I do?
DistributorCentral offers a number of free and paid options to help market and cross-market your products.
Without fail, the best marketing investment you can make is on optimizing your product data so it works best in the search engine. If your products aren't being found when distributors or end-users are looking for them, then every other marketing dollar you spend is just trying to make up for that.

Bad data is costing you money!
Product Placement
Going Beyond Good Product Data
Once you have great product data, your Product Placement dollars will go even further. Good product data will allow your products to come up in more search results. Adding Product Placement dollars to a paricular product will help that product come up higher in those more search results you're now getting from having great data behind it.
Free way to cross-market and upsell products. Do you have packaging for that? Do you have an upgrade or downgrade option for that?
Coming soon! Ability to add keyword tags to your products.
Category Banners
Buy Banner for Related Categories
or Sub-Categories
Best way to have your name become synonymous with a particular product category is to buy a banner ad where your logo shows up every time that category is searched. It takes seven views for someone to remember your company name.
Product Descriptions
Be descriptive while keeping in mind how distributors and end-users might search for your products, but don't overload your keywords.
Product Titles
Clean Cart = Clean Orders
Search Algorithm
Email Blasts
Supplier Specials E-Blast
E-Commerce Friendly
Product Data

Host: Tiffany Tarr
Vice President, Sales

Co-host: Angela Taylor
Marketing Director
Recommending Products
New Keyword Tags
Bad e-commerce data is costing you money!!!
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