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Disney V. Time Warner

No description

Aimee King

on 5 December 2011

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Transcript of Disney V. Time Warner

Health Strengths and Weaknesses Outlook For the Future Strengths and Weaknesses Health Outlook for the Future
Compare and Contrast Similarities and Differences Who has been most successful in the past? Who is most prepared to be successful in the future? Immense Goodwill International Influence Diversified Fields Movies -animated -live action Parks and Resorts Consumer Products Increasing Media Networks -ABC
-Disney Channel
-ABC Family
-SOAPnet Interactive Media Group Quality Innovation
Resorts and Parks
Decreasing in Attendance

Decreasing per capita guest spending

Decrease in Hotel Spending
Affected by the economy Family Budgets -Adapts to changes in technology
-Always in the process of developing
something new and making improvements
-Create their own trends
-Expanding internationally
-Recently launched new disney channel in Russia
-Increasing international revenues High profitability Ratios Dividends -recently increased dividends
-56 consectuive years of dividend payments to shareholders Diversified fields Television Networks Films Magazines News Media Video Games Innovation Technological Society Subjective Nature of Business Declines in Economy Piracy Copyrights Labor Strikes Declining DVD Sales •Media Based Company – Television Networks, Filmed Entertainment, and Journalism
•Four Goals:
Build competitive advantages in great content
Develop new models and technology for consumer experience
Expand presence of brands and content internationally
Achieve all of this while improving operating and capital efficiency
•Television is in a new Golden Age – technology
•NCAA and CBS contract until 2024 – Division I Men’s Championship Tournament
•CNN – #1 destination for online and mobile news
•TVEverywhere (TVE) – HBO GO
•Content Everywhere - Film and publishing content everywhere, digital transition
•Extending International Television Networks
•Widely diverse content & unique skill in managing business in an integrated way
•Upward growth of goodwill
•Continuation of timeless stories that capture peoples imaginations
•Three Goals:
Creating great entertainment that people want to experience
Using new technology to maximize the quality and reach of that entertainment
Growing their businesses in promising international markets to extend the impact of that entertainment.
•Great expectations with the acquisition of Marvel
•Fortifying brand presence through Pixar, Playdom, and Club Penguin
•ESPN coverage of NFL, NBA, and many other major sports
•2012 California Adventure Expansion – Cars Land
•More destinations on Disney Cruise Line with addition of ship Fantasy Net Margin - 11.33%
Percent of income after expenses
Asset Turnover - .58
How many sales dollars were generated for each dollar of assets
Stock Rate - 36.12
How much each stock is sold
Earnings per Share - 2.07
How much company earns from each stock they sell Earnings per share = $2.64
Current stock price = $34.41
Net margin = %46.12
P/E Ratio = $13.05

Health of the people!!!! Popular Franchises
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